My name is Michel Maling. I live in sunny South Africa in the sea side city of Port Elizabeth. Michel and Ashleigh

I am a dance teacher and I specialise in Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Hip Hop and Social Ballroom. I have been dancing all my life and teaching for just over 20 years and can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

I particularly enjoy working with younger children, which is why I started this blog. I am sure there are many other teachers of dance that find younger children very challenging. My aim is is share ideas and also tell you what has and hasn’t worked for me over the years.  I believe you are never too old to learn new tricks when it comes to dancing or teaching.

Please feel free to leave a comment or question below or anywhere on the site and we can share our ideas for all to see.  You can also email me michel@dancersforum.com

I trust that Little Dancers will be a helpful resource for teachers, dance moms, and students everywhere, and we can all learn from each other.