How To Do A Pirouette or Even Multiple Pirouettes

How to do a pirouette

All dancers dream of doing spectacular multiple pirouettes, but how to do a pirouette – that is a good question.  Perfect pirouettes require many hours of practice and dedication. What Is A Pirouette? A Pirouette is a turn in place, on one leg en releve (ball of your foot or full pointe).  There are various … Read more

Dance Career Opportunities – What If I Am Not a Good Enough Dancer?

dance career opportunities

As you probably know, it takes a lot to make it as a dancer, especially a ballet dancer.  But did you know that there are many more Dance Career Opportunities that are on offer for those that don’t have those perfect ballet bodies, or the skills to match. A lot of dancers would love a … Read more

How To Improve Ballet Technique

how to improve ballet technique

How to improve ballet technique and having perfect Ballet Technique is a quest that all dancers are aiming for, as without good technique, your ballet dancing won’t look like it should. In this blog post, I will explain what ballet technique is and will explain how to improve ballet technique. What Is Ballet Technique You can … Read more

Ballet Pilates Ellen Barrett

pilates for ballet

Doing Ballet Pilates Ellen Barrett is an excellent idea, as the benefits for dancers are wonderful and beneficial.  Pilates lengthens, strengthens and tones the entire body, and that is why it is so good for ballet dancers. Is Ballet Pilates Ellen Barrett For Ballet Dancers Only? Pilates is excellent for ballet dancers, but the best … Read more

Ballet Dancing Feet – Types and Shapes of Feet

ballet dancing feet

As dancers it is a good idea to know about the neuropathy of feet and the different types and shapes of feet. Unfortunately very few of us have perfect ballet dancing feet, but we can strengthen and work towards the ideal. The foot is very intricate indeed and your two feet have one forth of … Read more

Plank Exercises For Core Strength

plank exercises for core strength

Although it may seem simple, nothing beats plank exercises for core strength.  As it is very important for dancers to have core strength, this site wouldn’t be complete without some articles relating to the core strength that dancers need. Here are some great variations of the simple plank exercise that can get your core fit … Read more

Ballet Dance Moves

ballet barre exercises

Ballet is a wonderful art that allows you to express yourself through movement.  Here are some ballet dance moves for you to try for yourself. First, you will need to get acquainted with the basic arm positions and the basic foot positions.  These two links will take you through some basic ballet moves and positions. … Read more

Nutcracker Ballet Gift Ideas

Nutcracker gift ideas

Everybody loves the Nutcracker Ballet, and if you have a special little somebody in your life that is ballet-mad, there could be a perfect gift for them in the form of Nutcracker Ballet Gifts.  Here are some wonderful Nutcracker Ballet Gift Ideas. Best of all, you can buy all these gifts online, hassle free. The … Read more