What Is Toe Curling And Why You Shouldn’t Do It In Ballet?

what is toe curling

What Is Toe Curling In Ballet? Toe-curling in ballet normally happens when dancers try to point their feet, and to get it to look pointed, they curl their toes under, thinking that this will enhance the look of their feet. Although curling the toes often seems like a little thing since it is “just the … Read more

How To Do Isolations In Dance

isolations in dance

In Jazz Dancing Isolations play a huge role in the look of the dance. Isolations in dance can be done on various body parts, and the trick is to isolate those body parts without it affecting the rest of your body. Hip-hop dancers and contemporary dancers will also find that learning to do isolations can … Read more

Imaginative Story Ideas For Dance Class

imaginative story ideas

If you are looking for imaginative story ideas for your dance classes, this is one that my little ones love. You can use it for any form of dancing or even a drama class. I find that this idea works well for children between the ages of four and seven years old. Imaginative Story Ideas … Read more

Unleashing Your Inner Grace: 10 Incredible Benefits of Taking Ballet”

benefits of taking ballet

Are you ready to discover the magical world of ballet and the benefits of taking ballet lessons?  Get ready to lace up your ballet shoes and leap into a world filled with grace, strength, and beauty. Ballet is not just a dance form; it is an incredible journey that can transform your life in unimaginable … Read more

The Ballet Jardin Aux Lilas

the ballet jardin aux lilas

Jardin Aux Lilas (The Lilac Garden) is a one-act ballet that was choreographed by Anthony Tudor. The music was done by Chausson and the scenery and costumes by Hugh Stevenson. It was choreographed to a composition by Ernest Chausson entitled Poème, Op. 25 written in 1896. The Ballet Jardin Aux Lilas was first performed by Ballet Rambert at the … Read more

Who Is Antony Tudor?

Antony Tudor

You are probably wondering who Antony Tudor is, and why is there an article about him on this website for dancers. He was a major creative figure who exerted decisive influence on both sides of the Atlantic when it came to his choreographic skills, but sadly, very few of his ballets are still staged today. … Read more

Sylvie Guillem Ballet Dancer Of Note!

sylvie guillemets

I think that Sylvie Guillem is one of the most beautiful ballerinas that I have ever seen, with those long legs that go on forever and exquisite turnout. She retired in 2015, but let us take a look at her inspiring life. “From a small town to ballet stardom: Sylvie Guillem’s inspiring journey” Sylvie Guillem, … Read more

Relevé In Ballet And Its Importance

releve in ballet

Relevé in Ballet means raised in French. In the world of ballet, the term “relevé” holds great significance. Derived from the French word meaning “raised,” relevé is a fundamental movement that ballet dancers execute by rising onto the balls of their feet. This article explores the importance and benefits of incorporating relevé into ballet training, … Read more