Ballet Costumes History Snippets

ballet costumes history

I have always found ballet costumes history quite interesting. When you think of ballet costumes, tutus, leotards and pink tights normally come to mind, but it wasn’t always so simple. Here are some interesting snippets on some ballet costumes history for you. This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I will get a … Read more

Pretty Ballet Leotards One Can Purchase Online

pretty ballet leotards

I love purchasing things online, as there is so much more of a selection than you would get walking into a small ballet stockist-type store. When I was growing up ballet leotards were all much of a muchness – black or pink and not much choice in style. Nowadays you can get such pretty ballet … Read more

Beautiful Ballet Costumes For Kids

ballet costumes for kids

Here are some beautiful examples of ballet costumes for kids, because most children love dressing up in ballet costumes, even if they don’t do ballet lessons. Here are some beautiful ballet costumes for kids that can be purchased online more conveniently and in most cases at better prices than the shops are offering. This article … Read more

How To Apply Stage Makeup Especially For Dancers

how to apply stage makeup

Here are some tips on how to apply stage makeup for that big performance or even a dance recital. When applying stage makeup, the trick for professional looking stage makeup is to always look overdone or over made up.  The reason for this is that you will be performing to an audience that will be … Read more

How To Buy Ballet Shoes Online And Save

how to buy ballet shoes online

Many dancers would love to know how to buy ballet shoes online, as it works out a lot cheaper in most cases, not to mention that there are so many more choices available than one would find at your local dance shop. In fact, there are many places that you can buy ballet shoes online from. … Read more

Capezio Dancewear That Dancers Love Wearing

capezio dance wear

There are many companies that manufacture dancewear, costumes and other great dance essentials for both students and professional dancers, but Capezio dancewear is one of the most popular brands of dance gear out there. Capazio dancewear has over a hundred years of experience in the performing arts field, and I have included a brief history … Read more

How Do I Turn Into A Fairy – Just For A Day!

How do I turn into a fairy

Every little girl wants to be a fairy or princess at some stage.  When they ask me ‘how do I turn into a fairy?” I just tell them you can be anything you like when you are in ballet class. And this is very true. In ballet class, you can become anything you like! We … Read more

Ballet Practice Clothes You Can Purchase Online

ballet practice clothes

All dancers want to feel comfortable in their ballet practice clothes. Nowadays you get such beautiful and practical ballet practice clothes, that there is no excuse not to be both comfortable and look gorgeous. The fabrics these days also allow for more ease of movement and have good absorbent qualities for comfort even when you … Read more