Ballet Dancer Feet – Why Feet are so Important in Ballet

ballet dancer feet

What do people mean when they say you need ‘ballet dancer feet’ to be good at ballet? In ballet, when you point your foot, the line from the top of your leg to the tip of your toes must curve down towards the floor as much as possible. The higher the arch in the foot, … Read more

Ballet Pointe Work Tips

ballet pointe work

Most young girls who do ballet cannot wait for their ballet pointe work to begin. They look upon their first pair of pointe shoes as special as they feel that they have finally made it as a dancer. However, it is not long before the reality of painful feet and frustrating exercises sets in and … Read more

Ballet Pointe Shoes – What Type Should I Buy?

ballet point shoes

Getting a pair of ballet pointe shoes for the first time is a very personal experience.  You should have the opportunity to be able to try on various makes and types before making your final decision.  The shoe needs to suit your foot type and should be able to support your foot properly.  A highly … Read more