Ballet Books For Children Your Little One Will Love

ballet books for childrenHere are some great ballet books for children, but most of them don’t depict the struggles that children of the past have had to go through for their ballet.

If you are interested in any of these ballet books for children, you can click on the pictures of the books to find out more about the ballet books for children, but in the meantime let me share with you how committed you need to be to be a ballet star below:

Ballet Books For Children

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If you want to be a successful ballet dancer, you will need to do more than just read ballet books for children. You will have to have a great amount of commitment and give up a lot of other activities, as the more training you put into your ballet, the better you will be. Your teacher will need to be just as committed.

Many dancers start their dance training at the age of seven or even younger, but many fine academies around the world will not take students until the age of ten. In fact not so long ago, in some countries, these talented children ended up leaving their families and virtually became the property of the dance academy they were training with.

Children lived at the dance academy and often learned nothing else but dance, though in some cases politics was mixed in with it. While it must have been very difficult for them to leave their homes and families, they were often so poor that living at a dance academy gave them the chance to at least eat decent meals three times a day. In return, they were trained and groomed to perfection and many became top class dancers who delighted and astonished the world with their feats and performances.

The commitment they showed throughout their lives to achieving these ideals was tremendous and nothing short of miraculous. Often these children were chosen because they had the right body types and the talent to go with their perfect bodies.

Even if they didn’t want to dance as a profession, a lot of them were forced into their careers, but often became top dancers in their field. In most cases, the families were very poor and were only too happy to have their children get opportunities like that. It was better than working in the fields with all the other peasants.

The families also made sacrifices, as the chosen child was not then available to help bring in much-needed resources for the rest of the family.

There are, however, many other cases where the ballet claimed the hearts of the children when their parents took them to the theater. This was exactly what happened with Anna Pavlova.

Today, the same commitment is needed by those children who would like to be ballet stars.

While children of today may not need to leave their families and have no other life besides dance, if they are not truly committed to the process of learning and training, they will not amount to ballet stardom.

The number of years and amount of work to train a ballet dancer to peak condition is enormous. If that is not matched by a like commitment from the dancer, then it will all be wasted.


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