Dancing Queen Decor You Will Love

If you are looking for dancing queen decor for your next party or even to jazz up your room, I came across these and I thought they would be perfect.

I have always been an avid ABBA fan, so this decor is right up my alley.

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You Are The Dancing Queen

This Dancing Queen Decor is wonderful for a 70s party and you can even use some of the elements to decorate a disco-themed cake.

This set includes 2 x 22-inch disco ball balloons, 9 x latex balloons, 3 x star balloons, you are the dancing queen letter balloons, 1 x moon balloon, and 2 x heart balloons.

Here is another version in blue if blue is your thing.

If you love pink, you can get pink too by clicking on the image below.

What’s Included:

1 x You are the dancing queen balloon set
1 x Diamond ring balloon
28 x Silver Rose gold latex balloons
4 x Star foil balloons
1 x Moon foil balloon
2 x Disco ball balloon
1 x Silver foil fringe curtains

dancing queen decor

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