Ekon Av Trumpeter – A Ballet In One Act

ekon av trumpeter

Ekon av Trumpeter or Echoes of Trumpets is a one-act ballet that was first performed by the Royal Swedish Ballet at the Royal Theatre in Stockholm on the 28th of September 1963. It was later revived for the London Festival Ballet at the London Coliseum on the 27th of April 1973. The entire ballet is … Read more

Why We Use Cupped Hands For Modern Dancing

cupped hands in modern dancing

Let’s look at cupped hands for modern dancing, and why we use them in this genre of dancing. “The cupped hand is a reflection of the torso,” says Blakeley White-McGuire, principal dancer with Martha Graham Dance Company. “When I’m working with the movement as a deepening of the center, that reflects in the hand.” There … Read more

What Is Dark Elegies Ballet All About?

dark elegies

Dark Elegies is a ballet in two scenes. Tudor did the Libretto and the choreography and the music was composed by Gustav Mahler (1860-1911) to Cycle Kindertotenlieder (“Songs on the Death of Children”). Nadia Benoit did the scenery and costumes. The first Performance Cast to do this ballet were Peggy van Praagh, Maude Lloyd, Antony … Read more

The Ballet Jardin Aux Lilas

the ballet jardin aux lilas

Jardin Aux Lilas (The Lilac Garden) is a one-act ballet that was choreographed by Anthony Tudor. The music was done by Chausson and the scenery and costumes by Hugh Stevenson. It was choreographed to a composition by Ernest Chausson entitled Poème, Op. 25 written in 1896. The Ballet Jardin Aux Lilas was first performed by Ballet Rambert at the … Read more

Who Is Antony Tudor?

Antony Tudor

You are probably wondering who Antony Tudor is, and why is there an article about him on this website for dancers. He was a major creative figure who exerted decisive influence on both sides of the Atlantic when it came to his choreographic skills, but sadly, very few of his ballets are still staged today. … Read more

Famous Male Ballet Dancer – Gary Burne

Gary Burne

Gary Burne, the famous male ballet dancer was born Algernon De Blois Hayes-Hill in 1932. Born in Rhodesia, now known as Zimbabwe, the famous male ballet dancer’s journey began at an early age, thanks to his grandmother. It was she who ignited the flame of passion within him, clandestinely whisking him away to Elaine Archibald’s … Read more

The Enigma Variations Ballet History

enigma variations ballet

Let’s take a look at the Enigma Variations Ballet, which some of you have probably never heard of, but this is one of Ashton’s most original and moving ballets and it is definitely worth an article on this website. Enigma Variations Choreography: Sir Frederick Ashton Music: Sir Edward Elgar Decor: Julia Trevelyan Oman The Enigma Variations … Read more