The Benefits Of The Pigeon Pose For Dancers

Pigeon Pose Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Let’s look at the benefits of the pigeon pose for dancers and how you can use it to improve your dancing skills. The King Pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana) is one of Yoga’s super poses! This pose can truly be called a full-body pose because it targets so many muscles, and opens many different joints … Read more

Why Dynamic Warm Up Exercises Are Great For Dancers

dynamic warm up exercises

Dynamic Warm Up Exercises are a great way for dancers to start their class. Today, dynamic warm up exercises are a standard routine for athletes ranging from amateurs to professionals. What Are Dynamic Warm Up Exercises? Dynamic warm up exercises uses stretches that are “dynamic,” meaning you are moving as you stretch. For decades, static … Read more

Let’s Look At The Straddle Jump

the straddle jump

The straddle jump or side split jumps are common leaps used in gymnastics, Acro, cheerleading, and also in contemporary and jazz dancing. Straddle jumps are most appealing when you can jump high while keeping your toes pointed and your back and legs straight. They also look impressive if the dancer is flexible and can open … Read more

Best Stretching Machines for Dancers

best stretching machines

Every dancer who is serious about her career needs a good stretching machine or a good stretching program. Here are some of the best stretching machines and they can be used for dancers, gymnasts, or anybody who wants to improve their flexibility. The prices are a bit heavy in some cases, but if you are … Read more

Why Do Handstand Practice As A Dancer?

handstand practice

Did you know that handstands are very beneficial for dancers so in this post I would like to discuss handstand practice, how to do them properly, and the benefits of doing handstands with your dancers. As Dancers, Why Should We Get Handstand Practice? Doing handstands is an extremely underrated exercise, and I think it is … Read more