Dance Career Opportunities / Dance Employment Opportunities

dance employment opportunities

As you probably know, it takes a lot to make it as a dancer, especially a ballet dancer.  But did you know that there are many more Dance Career Opportunities and Dance Employment Opportunities that are on offer for those that don’t have those perfect ballet bodies, or the skills to match. A lot of dancers … Read more

How To Use Zoom Video Conferencing To Teach Dancing

how to use zoom video conferencing

In this article, I would like to look at Zoom and how to use Zoom Video Conferencing to teach your dance classes. I teach various dance forms, and some classes are easier to teach than others. I find that ballet works best, followed by contemporary dance. Hip hop is difficult because of the speed, and … Read more

Dance Teacher Career Information – Pros and the Cons

dance teacher career information

If you are deciding whether or not you want to be a teacher of dance, here is some dance teacher career information you may find interesting. As a teacher of dance myself, I find it both an enjoyable and rewarding career. It has many ups and downs, just like any job, and sometimes it is … Read more

A Day In The Life Of A Ballerina

a day in the life of a ballerina

Girls who dance while they are growing up often dream of becoming professional dancers. But this career choice isn’t for everyone and here we are going to look at a day in the life of a ballerina. In order to become a dancer professionally, you must absolutely live for your dancing. You won’t have much … Read more