How To Stretch Your Body And Avoid Injury

how to stretch your body

Let’s look at how to stretch your body safely and avoid injury, or as a dance teacher to make sure your dancers know how to stretch correctly. It is sad that so many children I teach at the moment have been over stretched in the past and are now suffering with chronic joint pain as … Read more

Learn How To Ballroom Dance

learn how to ballroom dance

Learn how to ballroom dance, because this form of dance if fun and easy and everyone can do it. In a sense learning how to dance is like learning a new language, a language in which moods and emotions are expressed in movement. Dance is a language of rhythm, grace and harmony, but in a … Read more

Dancing Tips For Beginners

dancing tips for beginners

In this post, let’s look at some dancing tips for beginners. This is especially if you are a beginner who is starting dancing later than you normally would and you may feel a little out of your depth. When you’re first getting into dancing, no matter if it’s ballet, modern dance, hip hop, or even … Read more

How To Perfect A Dance Group For Competition

dance group

The point of having a dance group is to have them all dancing cleanly and neatly together as a team so that the judges and audience can understand your piece better. So let’s look at how to clean up your dance group, as I don’t know about you, but this is the hardest thing to … Read more

How To Learn A Dance Routine Quickly

how to learn a dance routine

Here are some tips on how to learn a dance routine quickly when you have to learn a new dance. This is especially helpful if you need to go to an audition or remember something you have learned in class. Learn to memorize choreography like a pro so that you will have no more freezing … Read more

Jack In The Box Dance

I just love this Jack in the Box Solo shown by the Birmingham Royal Ballet. This dance is done in the first scene of the nutcracker when Drosselmeyer brings the toys to life to dance for the guests. For a tutorial of this dance click here.