Le Spectre De La Rose Ballet – Still Famous Over A Hundred Years Later

le spectre de la rose ballet

Le Spectre De La Rose is a ballet in one act (choreographic tableau) about a young girl who dreams of dancing with the spirit of a souvenir rose from her first ball. Jean-Louise Vaudoyer based the ballet story on a verse by Theophile Gautier. The Le Spectre De La Rose Ballet was originally choreographed by … Read more

The Impressive Imperial Russian Ballet And It’s History

imperial russian ballet

Let us take a look at the impressive history surrounding the Imperial Russian Ballet. Even though ballet was or may have been invented in Italy and France initially, one can definitely say that this beautiful art form was refined and invigorated in Russia. Ballet developed and evolved in the 18th century in Moscow and St. … Read more

American Ballet Theatre – Some History For You

American Ballet Theatre

When Mikhail Mordkin started the American Ballet Theatre in 1937, his vision was ‘This company will be a “gallery of dance” and “the collection and display of masterpieces of all times, places and creators, rather than the vision of a single choreographer.’    The above words were uttered by Richard Pleasant, who was American Ballet … Read more