How To Use Zoom Video Conferencing To Teach Dancing

how to use zoom video conferencing

In this article, I would like to look at Zoom and how to use Zoom Video Conferencing to teach your dance classes.

I teach various dance forms, and some classes are easier to teach than others. I find that ballet works best, followed by contemporary dance. Hip hop is difficult because of the speed, and stretch and strengthen classes work really well because you don’t need to move too much.

As dance teachers, we are living in weird and unprecedented times. If you, as a dance teacher, have like most of the world been in quarantine, then you have by now no doubt experimented with teaching your pupils online in an attempt to keep them dancing and moving forward while they are not allowed in a studio environment.

So while the virus is spreading across the world, we have to completely reinvent how we deliver our classes.

I have been doing online teaching with varying degrees of success on Zoom and although it is not ideal, it is definitely better than nothing.

So now as we as dance teachers are trying to embrace the new normal which is virtual teaching for most of us, let’s look at how to use Zoom Video Conferencing as a tool to deliver our online classes. As far as I can gather from various teachers groups that I belong to, Zoom seems to be the most popular choice for dance teachers, and not surprisingly as it is easy to use for both the teachers and the pupils.

So even for those of us who don’t have any talents when it comes to the technological, here is a breakdown of how you can be successful using Zoom Video Conferencing as a tool to teach your dancing classes.

How To Use Zoom Video Conferencing App

how to use zoom video conferencing app

Let’s Get Started

First of all you need to download the app. I use Zoom on my IPad, but I think a laptop would be even better as the screen is bigger. As long as the device that you choose has a built-in camera and microphone. Go to to join up. Write down your user name and password, so you don’t forget it.

You can use the app for free, but I found the free version a bit cumbersome as you can only do 40 minutes at a time. I opted to do the monthly $14.99 which enables me to run classes of unlimited length. There is a limit of 100 pupils in the class at the same time, but my classes are mostly small so this isn’t an issue.

This works well for me as I have a code and password for each day. I stay logged in and the children get put in a waiting room as they arrive until I let them in at the time that their class starts. This eliminates the need to log in with a new password for each class, and you can let your classes run as long as you like.

Once you have your Zoom account sorted you will see options when you open the app:

  • New Meeting
  • Join
  • Schedule
  • Share Screen

You can use the Zoom App or work through the website at to set up and hold your classes. I find using the app far easier.

I started off by scheduling my classes and then sending out the invite links to all my students. The system pretty much takes you through how to schedule your classes.

Once your classes are scheduled, you simply go to meetings on the sidebar of your Zoom App and you can simply press start to start the class from the choice on your list.

I strongly advise you to make use of the password and maybe have a different one for each day to make your classes that much more secure. You can always schedule a new class if you feel you need to with a new password if you feel unwanted people are getting access to your classes.

Also, make sure you enable your waiting room. In this way your pupils have to wait there until you let them into the class, otherwise, you will have lots of interruptions during your classes. Once you are ready for the next class you simply click on participants and admit them all.

The Zoom Video Conferencing App also gives you the opportunity to pre-record your classes if you need to. I haven’t used this option yet, as I prefer to chat with my students face to face. If you click on the three dots you can choose where you want to save your meeting for later use.

If you want to record your meeting you would need to click new meeting and then it will start recording you. Make sure that your audio and video are both turned on by clicking on the icons at the bottom left of the Zoom Video Conferencing App screen.

Once you are happy that your lighting, background, and audio all seem to be working properly click the record button and choose where you would like to save it on your device or on the cloud.

You will have some cloud storage included with your Zoom account, but this gets used up quickly so it is not always ideal.

While you are recording you can hit the pause button so that you can stop gather yourself or find new music and then hit resume to continue where you left off.

The entire video will begin to save once you have ended the meeting by pushing the ‘end’ button.

Did you know that there is a setting in the preferences > video which can touch up the appearance of your face and make you look better, softer, and slightly retouched? This is great for those of us who are self-conscious about getting in front of that camera to record.

Other Settings

zoom video conferencing app

Down under settings, there are a few other things you can do besides touch up your appearance to improve your overall experience with Zoom.

You can mute participants in the call by selecting ‘manage participants’ from the bottom of the screen. This allows you to mute and unmute and turn the video on or off for any given participant.

You can also achieve this by hovering over their video screen and selecting those options from the blue menu at the top right of your screen. This especially helps if you have a big class of younger children. Sometimes all the background noises in their houses or them all trying to talk to you at once can be overwhelming, so in this case, it is best to mute them or ask them to mute themselves.

By clicking on the grid icon, you can change the way that you view your class. You could choose to make your screen big and your participants smaller or make everyone smaller to fit on your screen.

On my Ipad, I can fit eight at a time onto my screen view. If I have eight in a class I simply toggle until I am gone and then all my students show on the screen without me having to scroll from page to page. I tell them to let me know if they can’t see me, as I won’t be able to check my screen to see if I can still be viewed while demonstrating.

If I have a private lesson, I simply make myself smaller and my student big so I can see her better.

You need to make sure that you step well away from the screen so that your pupils can see your entire body when you are demonstrating so you need to set up your screen before class to allow for this. It thus helps to have a room that is quite long to teach in, as the further you go away from the screen, the more you can move around and stay in the screenshot.

I haven’t used the screen sharing either yet, but you may find it useful if you want to show a video to your pupils.

During the meeting, click the green ‘share screen’ button. You will be given a selection of screens to choose from. If you have a video with sound you will need to click on ‘share computer sound’ so that the sound for the video plays through as well as the video.

The main downside that I find when I teach on Zoom is the delay. If I play my music, my students always only hear it about two seconds later so they always look like they are dancing out of time with the music, and sometimes you have eight bodies all dancing at different times, so it can be difficult to watch.

All the best with your online dance classes teachers. We are all in this together, and who knows it could be a new way of attracting students to your studio for the future that stay in remote places and can’t get to a class. The possibilities of technology are endless.

Ballet Lessons Online – Should You Be Doing Them?

ballet lessons online

With the internet, we are able to do so much more nowadays than say twenty years ago.  You can even go as far as having ballet lessons online.  We would have had a good laugh at this all those years ago, but now it seems almost normal.

Yep, all you need to do is Google ‘how do I do a pirouette, ‘show me a battement tendu’ or, even ‘Teach me all the positions of the feet.’  There is no shortage of free online dance classes beginners can do.

Well are ballet lessons online a good thing or a bad thing you may ask?Ballet Lessons Online

Well, classical ballet is a very specialized field. Although there are masses of resources online, in order to do a good job of learning the art of ballet, you are going to need to go to formal lessons.

There is no way around this. If you have never taken lessons before, you are definitely going to need to do this.

Ballet, although it looks so easy, takes years and years of training.

Exercises have to be taught and repeated endless times correctly in order to develop the muscle memory.  It takes years to perfect movements so that they look natural and easy.

You will need a trained eye to correct your faults before they become bad habits that are impossible to get rid of.

For example, you could be sickling your feet every time you point, and if this doesn’t get nipped in the bud timeously, you could have a difficult time correcting it later on, and you will have even more difficulty getting up onto pointe when the time comes.

Another reason not to take ballet lessons off of the internet is the fact that you could seriously injure yourself.  If you try to do something before you are physically ready or strong enough, you could cause permanent damage to your body.

Why You Need A Ballet Teacher?

  • You need a teacher to tell you just how much you must turn out and what muscles you should be using to achieve this turnout.
  • You need a teacher to tell you just how far you should be bending your spine backward, and believe me everyone is different here.
  • You need a teacher to tell you just how far you can push your body without causing injuries, and as ballet has such unnatural body alignments, it is obvious that your whole posture needs to be adjusted in order to perform the physical exercises that ballet demands.
  • You need a teacher to point out your faults so that you can correct them before they become habits.
  • You need a ballet teacher to give you a good foundation that you can use throughout your life, whatever other physical sports you pursue.ballet classes online

So there is no doubt that the art of ballet is something that needs to be trained slowly, precisely and over a number of years by a good teacher.

Can I Still Do Ballet Lessons Online?

Sure, you can use the internet to compliment your training by all means. The internet is a great place to get new ideas and new ways of doing things.

There are also videos that you can use to consolidate what you have learned in class, and help you to understand the steps better.

Just make sure that your internet lessons are accompanied by good solid technique, that only a qualified ballet teacher can offer you.

To find out more about good ballet lessons online, Click Here!

Free Online Dance Classes Beginners Can Do

If you are looking for free online dance classes beginners will manage, you don’t need to look far at all. With the availability of the internet and Google, it is possible to learn new things, including dance online. There are even free online dance classes beginners can follow freely available. I have posted a few examples below.

I am sure that there are many people out there who would love to learn to dance, but for reasons such as financial constraints, living too far away from a dance studio and various other factors, they are often prevented from doing so.

Fortunately, there are loads of apps and online video’s available nowadays that teach you to dance from the comfort of your own home.

If you use ‘free online dance classes beginners‘ as your search term on Google,  there are loads of videos online that can give you the basics of whatever dance discipline that you are looking for.

Looking up dance lessons, and doing dance lessons online in no way makes up for the real thing, but online dance lessons can introduce somebody to the joy of dance right in the comfort of their own lounges.

The most popular dances learned online are the Ballroom and Latin American Dances, followed closely with hip-hop and street dancing.

Are Online Classes Good For You?
Free Online Dance Classes Beginners

The downside of doing these online dance lessons is that there is nobody to check that what you are doing is correct, and in this way, you can develop bad habits over time that can be incredibly difficult to break, especially if you are looking to take your dancing to new and higher levels.

So if you are looking to learn to dance online, my advice to you would be to take a discipline such as Hip Hop or Street dance and learn a routine, rather than try to emulate a difficult contemporary, Latin American or ballet routine.  At least with Hip Hop, you can develop your own style, and not too much can go wrong with the basic technique that can’t be corrected later.

Just be very careful of trying to copy B-boy steps that involve spinning on your head or balancing on your neck. This is just asking for trouble and lifelong injuries as you won’t know if you are strong enough to perform the movement correctly and safely.

Fall in love with ballroom dancing and get $100 OFF Learn & Master Ballroom Dance course! Offer is valid 1/30 – 2/1.

Another good way to introduce yourself to various dance steps is to invest in some dancercise videos or look up some online.  The steps are simple and put together in a choreographic way that makes them fun to learn and do as well as giving you a brilliant cardiac workout. They also make you feel like you are dancing.

They also make you feel great, just like you should feel when you are dancing.

Here are a few that you can purchase online. Simply click on the picture if you want to find out more about the content.

Most importantly, enjoy your dance and make the most of it.  Dancing is great fun, a brilliant form of exercise, and a creative outlet for that inner Diva.

If you would like to try an online ballet course, you can read more here.

Free Online Dance Classes Beginners Will Love

Here are some free online dance classes beginners will love that I have found to help you along.

Online videos can be fun to follow, but be careful not to turn your feet out too much, as some of the demonstrators do, or you could injure yourself. Please do not use these as a replacement for conventional dance lessons given by a qualified dance instructor.

Here is a great ballet video found online, and it gives quite a detailed explanation. You can learn and follow along quite easily, just make sure to listen to your body and don’t force it to do something uncomfortable before you are ready.

Here are some basic hip hop moves for you to try:

This is just a bonus extra, that has some lovely ideas for the tiny tots. Children love stories and the singing adds to the fun of the class. You can spend some real quality time with your kids doing this with them on a rainy day.

Here is to having fun with your free online dance classes beginners can enjoy.

The Ballet Bible – Is it worth it?

the ballet bible

I purchased The Ballet Bible DVD a few years ago, shortly after it came out, to get some ideas to use with my teaching, and these are my experiences with the product.

In order to get your hands on your own copy of The Ballet Bible, click here.

Since then, of course, the product has evolved and gotten even better with more bonuses, which I don’t have, but the fundamentals are still there.

Why Do You Need The Ballet Bible?

the ballet bibleAnita Leembrugge is the developer of this project, and she initially created the Ballet Bible to help beginners with their technique, speed, and precision.

Anita has used her own difficult experience with starting ballet late and all the problems she had to overcome to create this product which is what makes it so special.

She claims that this product will improve your ballet technique in the shortest time possible.

Included in the download is the ebook 3 Simple Rules of a Ballerina.  This is a very insightful read and you will gain a lot of knowledge by just reading this and applying it.

Since I bought the product, she has also added some more useful bonuses that weren’t included back then, like an exclusive interview with choreographer Gareth Belling.  This bonus alone would have gotten me to buy the product back then.

My favorite part of the course are the video’s where she shows you exactly how to execute each step. There is a large collection of different steps to view, but some of them may be a little advanced for beginners.

Who Is The Ballet Bible DVD Aimed At?

This is a wonderful aid to those who are learning ballet and also for teachers like myself. For those that aren’t in formal ballet classes, it can prove difficult to achieve some of the steps without the correct background training and proper correction from a qualified teacher.

The French Vocabulary is also explained in detail in a French terminology module, which is a great resource for any dancer to have.  Once a dancer reaches a certain level, she has to know all the names of all the steps in French, so that if she ever joins a dance company, she can understand what the choreographer is demanding of her.

Even dancers doing their major ballet exams will need to know their vocab.

Although I loved this product and the ideas that it gave me, I tend to worry that some may take the Ballet Bible and exchange it for proper formal dance lessons.

I think that the Ballet Bible was created to help you to further your ballet career with the help of a professional coach or teacher.  It is extremely dangerous to take on training yourself, with nobody to guide you, as you can develop bad habits, and also injure yourself.

What Does The Ballet Bible Consist Of?

Here is a small list of some of the things you can expect from The Ballet Bible – The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina.

  • Advice on how to succeed as a dancer.
  • What you should look for in a dance teacher – If you don’t know what to look for you could end paying good money for bad advice.
  • The History of Ballet – Learn How and Where ballet got its form and its significance in today’s dancing.
  • Ballet Class – From Adage to Pointe. Learn how a class is structured and the significance of each part.
  • French Terminology – How to decipher common words.
  • Incorrect diagrams. See first hand how NOT to perform a movement or stance. No other guide shows you this!
  • Ballet Style – Learn the difference between everyday movement and ballet movement – Includes detailed pictures and explanations!
  • How to make sure you are not weakening your muscles or unbalancing your joints. Many dancers compromise their training with poor habits outside the studio.
  • Classical Ballet Training: From Start to Finish – The method, movements, and technique. You will be blown away at your improvement!
  • Learn the correct way to perform Developpés: Most dancers never learn the correct form and wonder why they can’t balance properly and can’t do it fast enough.
  • Common Errors – Some dancers struggle again and again with the same things. You will be able to quickly identify your weak points and find out exactly how to correct them.
  • The 6 primary positions of the feet. Where every movement starts and finishes. This is essential training!
  • The 9 Arm Poses – Learn exactly how to perform each pose. You will undoubtedly impress others with your comprehensive knowledge.
  • Detailed Movement Guide – From Plié to Pirouette: Everything including Sur le Coup de Pied, Arabesque, Battement Tendu, Glissé, Jetté to Developpé and Grande Battement.
  • High-quality pictures – through each and every step you will be able to see exactly how your body should be positioned for correct form.
  • Styling – Learn how to perform movements with grace and elegance! People will automatically assume you have been dancing for years.
  • Learn how to combine expressive arms with soft flowing hands to make every pose magical.
  • Ever wanted to know how to have total control over your legs as you gracefully perform an arabesque? Now you Can!
  • Learn the best practice exercises to train your leg muscles and prepare you for pointe.
  • Do you know the components of a pointe shoe? Learn how to determine the best pointe shoe for your foot shape.
  • Tying the pointe shoe. Follow step-by-step examples with clear descriptions. You’ll be able to do it blindfolded in no time at all.
  • How to correctly balance yourself for optimum flexibility and performance. Most dancers never learn and constantly struggle with problems that could so easily be avoided.
  • Why stretching is important. If you know how to use it to drastically increase your performance you’ll wonder why everyone else hasn’t caught on.
  • Great looking legs can be created – Have you ever seen a ballerina with ugly looking legs?
  • Warming up and cooling down – Do this one extra thing and notice the difference straight away.
  • Improper stretching – Are you stretching incorrectly and actually hindering your performance (You’ll be surprised)
  • Exactly how to convey the right meaning for your specific movement or expression… (You don’t want to appear as if you’re saying you have big ears when you’re just listening).
  • How to pose for maximum impact… learn how to use your whole body so that the audience understands exactly what you are saying without thinking twice.
  • How to develop your own unique style and personality to your mime (Ever notice how some dancers always seem to have that extra added “character” in their performances? That’s because they’re using this technique.)
  • 5 classic stories of love and adventure. These include popular works like “The Nutcracker” and “Sleeping Beauty”.
  • Want to rendition your own version of Pierre Gardel’s famous play. How to use your new found knowledge of ballet mime.
  • “To the point” recollections. You won’t be bored with uninteresting detail while you fall asleep.

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Reviews found for The Ballet Bible:

“I’m just getting back into ballet and I can’t thank you enough” “I danced for many years when I was younger but I stopped and have regretted it ever since. I downloaded The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina a few days ago and I feel just as excited about dancing as I once was. I can’t believe how much helpful information there is in this guide. I’m looking forward to picking up where I left off and this is just the thing I need.”Betty Whittle, QLD

“I wish I had this book when I first started out.” “My compliments to the author on the book! It’s written in a manner that makes it feel like she’s there explaining everything to you in person which makes it so easy that even a beginner can understand. As a seasoned dancer, I wish I had this when I started dancing over 10 years ago. It would have helped me develop my technique much better and faster. I expect that when my daughter is old enough, she’ll be reading it too!” Tanya Gould, CO

“Even my eight year old daughter thanks you.” “I bought this guide for my daughter who started ballet 6 months ago. Let me tell you she has improved so much from just following the pictures! She is now one of the best in her class and her teacher is amazed at her progress. It gives me great joy being able to read The 3 Simple Rules of a Prima Ballerina with her and help her develop into a beautiful little ballerina. Thanks for writing this brilliant book. We both love it.Mary Dixon, LA

Finally, in closing, I would like to say that The Ballet Bible DVD and course is well suited as a supplement to those studying ballet, teachers, and even adults who have studied ballet in the past and would like to get back into it.  

I would not, however, substitute regular ballet classes and proper training with a professional teacher with this course.

Belly Dance Lessons Online And Are They For You?

belly dance lessons online

belly dance lessons onlineThere are various excellent resources one can purchase online, and one of them is Belly Dance Lessons Online. So whether you live near to a studio, or are too far to travel in, the internet makes dancing available for everyone.

Although I am no expert in Belly Dancing, and still believe that you need to have some proper instruction from a professional dance teacher at least to get the basics, from what I have seen of this course, it is a full and comprehensive guide on how to learn to belly dance, and it is run by an expert coach.

What I like about this course is that the instructor Mariella Monroe is available as a one on one coach for up to a year after this course is purchased.

Are Belly Dance Lessons Online A Good Thing?

The Mariella Monroe Belly Dance Program is a great way to learn to belly dance in the comfort of your own home. The movements are not dangerous like gymnastics or ballet, so it is safer to learn these types of movements at home than any other dance style.

By covering the most popular dances styles, this guide is considered to be the most comprehensive course on the market today. Here are 5 most common belly dancing styles:

  • Egyptian Oriental
  • American Cabaret
  • Turkish Didem
  • U.S. Didem
  • Gothic and Tribal Fusion

“Finally, Here’s The System To Help Anyone Learn Belly Dancing From Home and Guarantees Results with One-On-One Private Coaching…”

belly dance lessons online
Mariella Monroe

The best thing about courses like these is that you can learn to dance at your own speed in the privacy of your own home. A lot of women would love to learn how to belly dance but are simply too shy to attend classes, or classes are simply out of their reach.

This course has 50 videos with an approximate running time of 8 hours. The videos are designed to systematically teach you all the major belly dancing steps in a way that leaves nothing to the imagination.

  • Step-by-step belly dance instruction program is presented in an easy-to-follow format.
  • 3 different teachers covering 5 major styles of belly dancing.
  • Suitable for BOTH beginners and seasoned dancers.
  • Learn over 40 isolated body movements, each visually demonstrated and verbally described, with on-screen visual aids.
  • All basic moves are covered in the first 2 hours so you will be up and running quickly.
  • Clearly see all movements from multiple viewing angles, including full-body & up-close views. Then perform fluid combinations of the moves you’ve learned!
  • You’ll learn the basic belly dance moves and then integrate them into combinations, safely and joyfully discovering your own dance! 
  • Mariella will guide you through sequences of steps building from simple isolated movements to layered moves.
  • Footwork, arm/hand patterns, and head angles are gradually combined for the effect of total coordination and effortless control.
  • This masterclass is guaranteed to shorten the learning curve and get you going quickly.

If you would like to find out more about how you can get your hands on these belly dance lessons online, simply click here to find out more.

There are also a few bonus books included with the course that makes these belly dance lessons online well worth your while:

  1. 25 Basic Foundation Drills
  2. Complex Combinations and Performances
  3. Dancing Exercises for Weight Loss
  4. Sexy and Sensual Belly Dancing Videos
  5. Guide to costumes and accessories
  6. And best of all free one year one on one coaching with Mariella, which of course is great since you always will need guidance with an online course such as this.

belly dance lessons online

To get your hands on a copy right now, Click Here!

How To Lose Weight Dancing

how to lose weight dancing

how to lose weight dancingI have taught a lot of adults in the past who have not only wanted to get fit but also wanted to know how to lose weight dancing. Many people want to lose weight and know that they must get more active in order to do this, but lugging themselves to the gym for yet another session on that treadmill or bicycle is just way too boring. Strength training, especially on your own is also terribly tedious, and often people give up before they have even started.

Luckily going to the gym is not the only solution available if you want to lose weight. You can join a dance class which is way more fun and this is sometimes just the answer you have been searching for, as you can have fun while you exercise, and it won’t be as much of a chore to go to a dance class as it will be to go to the gym.

How To Lose Weight Dancing

If you want to lose weight with dancing, you need to choose a vigorous dance class. If you do this you can burn between 400 – 600 calories in an hour, depending on your body weight and the intensity of the exercises. This is just as much as you would burn with biking, swimming or evenhow to lose weight dancing fast walking.  This is why dancing is considered one of the best cardiovascular workouts you can give your body.


If you go for two classes a week and practice at home for a few hours, you could easily rack up the recommended 5 hours of cardio activity that doctors recommend a week, and even better, you could lose anything from 1.5 – 2 kgs per month if you kept your diet healthy. Obviously, if you load up on junk food and calorie rich foods, this may not be the case.

What Types Of Dancing Are The Best For Losing Weight

If you are looking primarily at how to lose weight dancing these are options you could try:

  • A good ballet class with a bar warm-up, center work that does a lot of jumping and grand allegro is excellent.
  • A fast-paced Latin American class will burn a lot of calories.
  • High energy disco or freestyle is great for burning calories fast and getting fit.
  • Hip Hop, especially the B-Boy or House Style will give you a great cardio workout.

For losing weight, the more energetic the class is, the better.

How To Lose Weight Dancing At Home

If you are too shy to dance in public, or do not have any options close to where you live, you can try out some of these options that you can purchase online. They are all excellent programs, and it depends on what sort of dancing you are looking at doing:

Shaun T’s CIZE Dance Workout – Base Kit
how to lose weight dancing

This is a great set you can start on at home.

  • CIZE helps you get fit in 4 weeks as you master professionally choreographed dance routines.
  • Shaun T breaks down the freshest choreography step-by-step, move-by-move so that by the end ANYONE can bust out an impressive dance sequence.
  • You’ll be so focused on mastering the moves and having fun that you’ll forget you’re getting a cardio, core, and strengthening workout at the same time!
  • You’ll get 6 Dance Courses plus an Ab Workout on 3 DVDs
  • You’ll also receive a Get Started Guide, Eat Up Meal Plan, Beginner and Advanced Calendars and a Weekend Survival Guide

Stop Exercising and start dancing! Forget everything you dread about workouts. Because starting today, exercise isn’t something you have to do. It’s something you’ll want to do. Beachbody is about to show you how to dance your way to fit in just 4 weeks!

Let loose your inner dancer as you learn the hottest professionally choreographed dance routines. You’ll be so focused on mastering the moves and having a blast, you’ll forget you’re working out and losing weight! This is your chance to dance like no one is watching in the comfort of your own home.

And here is another option:

 The Cardio Samba Workout with Quenia Ribeiro
how to lose weight dancing

Learn authentic Rio De Janeiro style Brazilian samba as you perform a high-energy dynamic cardio workout. The dance instruction is blended into the fitness program in a way that will keep you focused on the dance steps as you are working out, so the workout feels like a dance party.

Even if you have never danced the Samba, you will easily pick up the moves of this elegant dance from this easy to follow program!

Body Groove

For The Body Groove Program Click Here. There are some excellent video’s on the site that demonstrate just what Body Groove is.

Body Groove workhow to lose weight dancings no matter how old or young you are.

This video is awesome. Instead of following a strict boring workout, Misty leads us through a workout that lets us be creative and have fun. We get to move the way we want while being guided into moves that burn calories in a fun groovy way. This video is for anyone who is looking for something a little different in a workout. The Body Groove exercise way is to follow your body’s natural movements and have a lot of fun doing it. The movements are simple, joyful and fun to do.

This video is for anyone who is looking for something a little different in a workout. The Body Groove exercise way is to follow your body’s natural movements and have a lot of fun doing it. The movements are simple, joyful and fun to do.


What Other Advantages Are There To Doing Dance

Dance not only tones all your muscles but also keeps your cardiovascular system healthy. If your muscles are toned, your metabolic rate will go up, and that means that you will be burning more calories, even when you are not exercising.

Dancing also makes you more flexible, which is great to have as we age.

Because dancing is weight bearing, dance has the potential to boost bone density in to lose weight dancing

Learning a dance form can be an extremely enriching cultural experience. Apart from that, you will get the opportunity to make new friends and learn how to love and connect with your body far more.

Dance is becoming more and more popular, which is why Gyms worldwide are now offering classes such as Zumba and other dance related classes.

The choices are vast and endless on how to lose weight dancing, so there are no more excuses not to get fit or lose weight anymore.