Pretty Ballet Leotards One Can Purchase Online

pretty ballet leotards

I love purchasing things online, as there is so much more of a selection than you would get walking into a small ballet stockist-type store. When I was growing up ballet leotards were all much of a muchness – black or pink and not much choice in style. Nowadays you can get such pretty ballet … Read more

How To Use Zoom Video Conferencing To Teach Dancing

how to use zoom video conferencing

In this article, I would like to look at Zoom and how to use Zoom Video Conferencing to teach your dance classes. I teach various dance forms, and some classes are easier to teach than others. I find that ballet works best, followed by contemporary dance. Hip hop is difficult because of the speed, and … Read more

Ballet Lessons Online – Should You Be Doing Them?

ballet lessons online

With the internet, we are able to do so much more nowadays than say twenty years ago.  You can even go as far as having ballet lessons online.  We would have had a good laugh at this all those years ago, but now it seems almost normal. Yep, all you need to do is Google … Read more

Free Online Dance Classes Beginners Can Do

If you are looking for free online dance classes beginners will manage, you don’t need to look far at all. With the availability of the internet and Google, it is possible to learn new things, including dance online. There are even free online dance classes beginners can follow freely available. I have posted a few … Read more

The Ballet Bible – Is it worth it?

the ballet bible

Update 2020: Unfortunately this product has now been taken off the market place. If you would like some private online lessons, please email me at for further information. I purchased The Ballet Bible DVD a few years ago, shortly after it came out, to get some ideas to use with my teaching, and these are my … Read more

Belly Dance Lessons Online And Are They For You?

belly dance lessons online

There are various excellent resources one can purchase online, and one of them is Belly Dance Lessons Online. So whether you live near to a studio, or are too far to travel in, the internet makes dancing available for everyone. Although I am no expert in Belly Dancing, and still believe that you need to … Read more