How To Improve Your Layouts In Your Modern Dancing

how to improve your layouts in modern dance

Let’s look at layouts in modern dancing and how you can improve your layouts. There are generally three important layout lines in modern dancing. To achieve any of these lines, it helps if the dancer is supple, strong, and understands how to hold their torso firmly. So it is a good idea first to strengthen … Read more

What Is Attitude In Dance?

what is attitude in dance

What is attitude in dance? Apart from the attitude a dancer is giving you, I am actually referring to the attitude step. Attitudes are derived from ballet, but other dance forms like jazz and contemporary also use the attitude leg a lot. What Is An Attitude? Here is an explanation of the attitude in dance, … Read more

What Is Toe Curling And Why You Shouldn’t Do It In Ballet?

what is toe curling

What Is Toe Curling In Ballet? Toe-curling in ballet normally happens when dancers try to point their feet, and to get it to look pointed, they curl their toes under, thinking that this will enhance the look of their feet. Although curling the toes often seems like a little thing since it is “just the … Read more

How To Do Isolations In Dance

isolations in dance

In Jazz Dancing Isolations play a huge role in the look of the dance. Isolations in dance can be done on various body parts, and the trick is to isolate those body parts without it affecting the rest of your body. Hip-hop dancers and contemporary dancers will also find that learning to do isolations can … Read more

Unleashing Your Inner Grace: 10 Incredible Benefits of Taking Ballet”

benefits of taking ballet

Are you ready to discover the magical world of ballet and the benefits of taking ballet lessons?  Get ready to lace up your ballet shoes and leap into a world filled with grace, strength, and beauty. Ballet is not just a dance form; it is an incredible journey that can transform your life in unimaginable … Read more

How To Put On A Concert For Your Dance Studio and Make it Truly Magical

how to put on a concert

Are you ready to dazzle and amaze your audience with an incredible dance show? Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just starting out, or a teacher wanting to showcase her pupils, putting on a show that wows your audience takes careful planning, hard work, and a lot of creativity. In this blog post, we’ll share … Read more

Sprained Ankle Treatments

sprained ankle treatments

A sprained ankle is no fun to have, especially if you are a dancer. There are some sprained ankle treatments you can try, but it is still important to see a medical professional to get a proper diagnosis and treatment for your foot. This post may contain affiliate links. How Do You Sprain an Ankle? … Read more