Costume Ideas

Every child loves to dress up and if he or she dances, what better excuse to have.

Children have very active imaginations, and in their minds they can be anything they like. A princess one day and a pirate the next – the Cute Kittiessky is the limit.

What little girl doesn’t love to twirl around in a ballet tutu. So ballet class is the perfect excuse for them to dress up and use their imagination to the fullest.

Nowadays there is an amazing array of dance costumes, from animals, to trees, to dinosaurs, to maids.  With just a little imagination, and a good seamstress, you can come up with something really exciting.

You can also search online, as there are endless companies selling everything you can imagine.  There are even costume exchanges and second hand costume websites that could save you a packet.

We have a show each and every year, and for this reason we keep an extensive costume wardrobe.  In this way we only have to make a few new costumes each year and the rest of the show is clothed with ease.

The only drawback is finding the space to keep our ever-growing wardrobe.

Click Here to see some of the beautiful fairy outfits that are available online.

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