How Do I Turn Into A Fairy?

Every little girl wants to be a fairy or princess at some stage.  When they ask me ‘how do I turn into a fairy?” I just tell them you can be anything you like when you are in ballet class.

And this is very true.  

In ballet class, you can become anything you like!  

We sometimes soar across the sky in our aeroplanes.  Sometimes we drive jeeps through the jungle and sometimes we fly with the fairies.  We even get to be scary bears and buzzing bees. During our Pre-School Ballet Classes, we use our overly active imaginations to be anything that we like. Young children love stories and make believe, and we as teachers can use this fact to make up exciting classes for them to participate in.  It is so much easier to teach children who are excited and want to be there.

To add more excitement to a pre-school ballet class, it is always a great idea to use props or even better dress up.  It is much easier to act like a fairy when you actually look the part.  I have managed to find some stunning examples for you below.

How Do I Turn Into A Fairy?

These are just some of the stunning fairy costumes that we can purchase how do I turn into a fairyonline for your little stars.  These are perfect for a dance production, school plays, ballet class (themed) or even for wear to normal dance class to add even more excitement to the lesson. This is how you can turn her into a fairy.

This one on the right is available for about $20 online which is a steal.

Any little girl will love the layers of soft puffy pink material and the beautiful wings that compliment this outfit.  You can find out how to purchase this outfit or any of the others by clicking on the images.

On the other hand, lots of little girls prefer purple. This outfit to the left is just perfect for a fairy with a difference. how do I turn into a fairy

This costume makes a perfect pixie type costume for a more energetic student. The colours are vibrant and pretty and the costume will make an exciting addition to any costume wardrobe or a little girls dress-up box with its pretty layers of petals.

Click on the model to your left to find out more about this stunner.

This pixie costume on the right is perfect for a tom boy.  Yes, even tom boys love to dance, and this cute but naughty costume is just perfect for the active and sportier child. how do I turn into a fairy It’s hip and flirty and everybody has a child in their studio that this costume is just perfect for.

You can click on the little pixie to the right to find out more about this cute little number.

All the above costumes come with detachable wings and are great for play as well as dance recitals.

All just perfect to spoil that little star in your life! So next time she asks ‘How Do I Turn Into A Fairy?’ Simply get her one of these adorable costumes.



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