How To Get More Students For Your Dance School

how to get new students

Because dance studios are constantly looking for ways of getting and keeping their pupils, I will explore, in this article, how to get more students for your dance school, as well as motivate existing ones. Here are some effective and creative ways on how to get new students, especially now that the new year is … Read more

Cinderella Ballet Story

cinderella ballet story

Cinderella has been a popular story for over a hundred years, but it was only turned into a ballet after 1945, when Sergei Prokofiev finished writing the musical score.  The Cinderella Ballet Story has different versions, but the synopsis below is the most popular. Fredrick Ashton was the first person to stage a full-length Cinderella ballet … Read more

How To Do A Pirouette or Even Multiple Pirouettes

How to do a pirouette

All dancers dream of doing spectacular multiple pirouettes, but how to do a pirouette – that is a good question.  Perfect pirouettes require many hours of practice and dedication. What Is A Pirouette? A Pirouette is a turn in place, on one leg en releve (ball of your foot or full pointe).  There are various … Read more