How To Find Good Ballet Classes For Kids

ballet classes for kidsFinding good ballet classes for kids can sometimes be challenging.  It helps to shop around and let your child try out a few classes at different dance schools and venues before making the final decision.

How To Find Good Ballet Classes For Kids

First, and of course most importantly, make sure that the dance teacher that will be training your child is fully qualified, and also check which body of dance she is affiliated with.  If you have never heard of it, beware, as not all the dance bodies give accredited courses and ongoing professional development for their teachers.  An international body that has been around a long time is always best.

Choosing an under-qualified teacher can result in incorrect training and perhaps even injuries.

Having the correct training is so important in the formative years, as this is where muscle memory and correct technique are developed and it is very difficult to fix up bad habits later on once they have formed and the body gets used to doing things incorrectly.

Qualified teachers also know just how far they can push the children without them getting permanent injuries.  Pushing a child into difficult steps and positions before they are strong enough to cope, will result in health problems later on.

Watch the way in which the teacher interacts and trains the children.  Is she in control of the class?  Is she giving the children constructive corrections and are the children enjoying their class?  Is the class age appropriate and is the music suitable?

Secondly, check that the studio is safe.  Is the floor suitable for dancing?  A sprung floor is obviously the best choice as this offers joint protection when doing steps of elevation.  There is nothing worse for knees in the long term than hard landings on a hard concrete or tiled floor.

Is the floor very slippery?  Is the floor clean and free of obstacles over which the dancers can fall or trip?  Is tballet classes for kidshe floor in good repair and free of holes?

Check and see what the dance studio offers in the way of ballet classes for kids:

Do they offer examinations for the pupils by an accredited body and an examiner other than the teacher herself?

If you want to read why dance exams are important for children, you can read this post.

Do they offer stage work or competitions? Sometimes studio’s offer both as some children like to perform and others like to compete.  No studio should force a child onto the stage before they have developed enough self-confidence. On the other hand, stage work is wonderful to develop self-esteem and confidence, and most children love to perform.

Ask what other activities are offered throughout the year to keep the children motivated?  For example, some studio’s may do badge tests, others may do charity work or shows or a studio concert.

When you bring your child to her first ballet lesson, see how she responds to the teacher giving the class.  Not all children will like the same type of teacher.  Some will prefer a stricter teacher, while others will prefer a more gentle approach.

Last but not least, is that your child must be comfortable and happy within your chosen dance studio, otherwise it could put him or her off of dance for life, and that would be a huge loss. If your child is happy, she or he could have many happy dancing years there building many happy childhood memories.

Don’t be scared to try out a few studios before you settle on one.

Trust I have given you some useful information on finding the best ballet classes for kids. Please comment below if you have anything else to add.







6 thoughts on “How To Find Good Ballet Classes For Kids”

  1. I think that safety is my first concern. I want to be sure of that. I would never have though about the flooring though.

    Also you bring out some good points on pushing children. It’s not any different in ballet to baseball practice where I have seen children push way to hard.

    After all this kind of stuff is suppose to fun. Don’t you think so? Not everybody is going to be a pro ballet dance or a pro baseball player.

    Your last point is a key that we sometimes overlook as parents and that’s what does the child think. Very important.

    Looking for an accredited place is a great way to be sure that the studio is a good one. Even then I would think the most important aspect is the teacher. Don’t you?

    • Thanks for your comment Barry, and yes it is supposed to be fun when they are young. Very few make it to pro level. But it also has to be about learning. Even if they don’t become pros, they can still get great benefits from learning to do something well.

  2. I had no idea that there are so many things to be aware of when looking for good ballet classes for kids.

    My daughter recently told me that she wants to try ballet since a few of her friends are taking ballet. I don’t think she is very serious about it. She is already 8.

    The community center down the street is offering ballet classes, but these are purely recreational. Since my daughter probably won’t pursue ballet, do you think I need to still look for a class that meets all of the criteria you discussed? I doubt the one at the community center will.


    • As long as you check if the teachers are qualified. If they don’t know what they are doing, injuries could easily occur.

  3. Hi Michel, thanks for an excellent article. Your insights as a dance teacher are much appreciated.
    I did ballet at school with the only teacher in town, as I lived in a small town in Northern Natal. She was a great teacher, but ballet wasn’t for me…would you believe it – my 2 and half year old son says he wants to be a ballerina! Hee hee.
    They offer ballet at his playschool on Fridays but only the girls participate. Do you think I should encourage him to participate?
    If he does really go for it, do you know of any ballet schools in Cape Town that offer classes for boys?


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