How To Get More Students For Your Dance Studio

how to get more students for your dance studioAs dance teachers, we would all like to know the magic formula on how to get more students for your dance studio, and keep them motivated and interested so they stay for the long haul. Here are some tips for dance teachers that may help.

How To Get More Students for your Dance Studio

New studio owners, you need to be more patient, as it takes lots of time to educate your market and grow your student base. In order to get more students for your dance studio, you need to work on selling your concept to the public, especially a public who doesn’t know how much dance education is going to improve their lives in the long haul.

Sell Yourself

You need to sell your strong points and find something about yourself that stands out from all the other studios. List some points about your studio that nobody else offers and capitalize on that. There will always be something unique about you or your studio that you can focus on.

For example, you could offer adult beginner classes, or small focused classes so your students get more individual attention.

Push The Benefits of Dance

List some reasons why dance education is worthwhile, and boy we know it is! We just need to convey what we know of this to the public.

Here are just some examples:

Improves your concentration; Keeps you fit; Improves coordination; Great for training discipline and focus; Great for posture; Exercises the brain; the list is endless… to get more students for your dance studio

As there are so many other activities out there, you need to convince parents that dance is better than pottery or gymnastics, and by emphasizing all the benefits, you will make people want to dance.

Start A Facebook Group

This is a great way to get out there in your community. You can update your group regularly with photo’s of your students, studio news and also pose questions like ‘Did you know dancing is great for cognitive processing and social development? Then link to articles that support this.

Post out when you are taking in enrollments and any special offers you may have. If people like what you post, they will share, and in this way more people get to know about you.


Try to use multiple methods of marketing when you advertise. There are many methods, both online and offline.  Here are some examples:


Website Ads

Post a video online


Social Media


Email campaigns

Classified ads online

It takes on-going time and effort, as well as consistency to keep your enrollments coming in and your dance studio growing.

Make Yourself Accessible To Your Existing Students

If somebody makes an inquiry, make sure to follow up as soon as you can. If one of your students doesn’t attend classes for a while, follow up with them to check everything is ok. These points are both important for how to get more students for your dance studio and also to motivate the existing ones.

Make yourself available to your existing students for any complaints or questions that they may have. Take any feedback you get and use it to improve on what you already have.

Keep a record and a chart going on Excell so you can see if your business is expanding or not. If it is stagnant or if the student body is decreasing, then you need to get yourself out there again and find out why.

Look After Your Existing Students

Ask students that have been with you for a while for a testimonial to put on your website. A video of them talking and telling the world why they love your studio will also be great.

Word of mouth is the best marketing strategy and this is the main feeder for your studio. If your pupils are enjoying dancing at your studio, they will recommend you to their friends.

You could offer them rewards for referring new students, like a pair of leg warmers or a discount on their next month fees.

If your student has been working hard, acknowledge them at a concert or event and make them feel special. Mention any special events in their lives, for example, if they are getting engaged or married.

Another great way to bond with your students is to remember their birthdays and make a fuss of them if they come to class on their birthdays.

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  1. I have been struggling to fill my class for a month or so, I was scratching my head thinking why my numbers have gone as at one point there was people missing out.

    I actually implemented a facebook group and it become clear that I wasn’t keeping things fresh now the group give me suggestions of what they would like and I put it in the routine.

    Needless to say my numbers are back and definatly going to look at the other points thank you

  2. Hi there, good points you covered to hike the number of students in dance studio. actually my husband is running a dance studio and we are trying different marketing ideas to increase the number of students. I am forwarding your post to my husband and I hope this will going to get more business.

    • Thanks for your comment Sangeeta, and hope this post helps towards bring more feet into your dance studio’s doors.


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