How To Get Rid Of Flat Feet

In this article, let’s look at how to get rid of flat feet, or at least how to improve on what you have. I have been blessed to have flat feet, and although they were strong and served me well while I was dancing, they did look horrendous in a pair of pointe shoes.

It is important to always take extra good care of your feet, as they will have to carry you for many thousands of miles in your lifetime, and often we take them for granted.

Here are some tips on how to improve on the feet that you already have.

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how to get rid of flat feet

What Causes Flat Feet?

Flat feet can be exacerbated by a number of things which include your mobility in your ankle joint, the mobility in your big toe (strange but true), your hips, and your knees, so this is why we need to establish first and foremost why you have flat feet in the first place.

If your ankle is not flexible it could cause issues for you. How do you know how flexible your ankle is?

If you go onto your knees and place one foot in front of you, how far can you move your knee forwards over your foot before your heel wants to lift up? If your ankle is not mobile enough, when you run, jump, or sprint, your foot could be rolling in to compensate for your tight ankles.

People who have a stiff big toe, who tend to crunch their big toe or not be able to go all the way up onto their big toe when rising can end up not going through their feet properly when running, thus aiding the development of the flat foot.

If a person doesn’t have enough strength in their hips, legs, and calves, this will cause their legs to cave inwards during activity, also encouraging the flat feet once more.

Flat feet are not something that everyone gets automatically or genetically. There is normally a reason behind this and it is important to explore what you can do to help the situation before relying totally on a new pair of orthotics.

Your flat feet might not go away totally, but by trying to rectify them, you can certainly make vast improvements by trying to sort out the root cause of your flat feet.

How To Get Rid Of Flat Feet

Ankle Mobility

how to get rid of flat feet

If your ankles are stiff, it can cause all sorts of problems, especially if you play sports or dance. You need to spend a few minutes each day on getting some ankle mobility going. This could include some soft tissue work, for instance rolling out your calves on a roller while flexing and pointing your feet.

Try standing facing a wall and sliding one foot back at a time while holding onto the wall for support. Drop your hips and aim to get your heel flat on the floor to really stretch out those calves.

You could also do some rises and lower on a stair to both stretch and strengthen the calves and ankles. Rolling your feet around on a small ball is also beneficial.

Lie on your back and stretch one leg up towards the ceiling at a time. Circle your ankle using its full range of motion while trying to keep your knee straight.

Try to do something each day to improve the mobility in your ankles.

Foot Exercises To Improve The Arch

Improving the arch that you do have will go a long way to helping your feet. Try some rises with resistance with either weights in your hands, or a theraband tied around the ankles and to a sturdy table. Then do some rises really working to get the feet over the toes,

Other exercises to improve flat feet include calf raises with a ball between the ankles, walking on the toes with bent knees, or seated calf raises. Really make sure that you are driving your feet upwards so you can feel your feet working. Doing these exercises at least three times a week for your feet is really important when you are trying to get rid of flat feet.

If you live near a beach, take a barefoot walk whenever you can as the sand is great to work the underneath part of the foot.

Big Toe Mobility

Soft tissue work on the bottom of the feet is great here, like rolling a small ball. You can do this while sitting but do put some pressure on the ball.

Try pressing your toes up the wall while your foot is flat against the wall to work on getting that big toe more mobile.

Single Leg Strength

Sled pushes are really great for single-leg strength. This involves pushing a heavy sled with your entire body and you will see how your feet also get a wonderful workout and stretch here.

Holding weights in your hands and going forwards with one leg lifting behind you at a time is a great leg strengthener as well as great for balance.

Doing a series of different squats is also a great way to strengthen the quads and glutes.

I trust that these exercise help and that you now have more knowledge at your disposal on how to get rid of flat feet. If you have any other great exercises or questions, please do not hesitate to comment below.

5 thoughts on “How To Get Rid Of Flat Feet”

  1. Although it is hard to get rid of flat feet entirely, in my opinion, these tips can really help me out in improving the problem. i was already doing some squats but I will do more and the big toe mobility exercise as well, I would have never thought about that thanks! Improving other toes mobility might help as well I think. And walking barefoot on the beach I just love to do, so let’s head more to the beach, good excuse haha!

  2. I am not a dancer, but I have found this article very helpful.  As it happens, I have very tight ankles.  I am going to try the exercises you have suggested.  My legs get very tired if I walk for any length of time.  I think you have just explained why.  I also have some neuropathy in my feet which is not painful but which means I can’t feel uneven ground.  My stiff ankles makes the affect on my balance worse.  Thanks for the help.

  3. I was unaware of some of these exercises to help reduce flat feet. I have been using some of them for years to help me prepare for the day. I would spend up to 14 hours on my feet daily. I would do the calf stretch to loosen my calves up without being aware that this exercise also helped prevent flat feet. I no longer work in this capacity but I do work out daily and still do these exercises. I am thankful that what I am doing is good for my overall health.


  4. Thank you for sharing this informative article on how to get rid of flat feet. I have personally struggled with flat feet and have found that incorporating ankle mobility exercises and foot exercises to improve the arch has made a significant difference in my foot health. In addition, I have found that regularly walking on the beach barefoot has also helped to strengthen the muscles in my feet. Overall, I appreciate the tips and exercises provided in this article and will continue to incorporate them into my daily routine.

    • Keeping those ankles supple and the foot muscles working in the right way is key to the long term health of your feet, no matter what shape they are.


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