Ballet Steps for Kids – Beginners Especially!

ballet steps for kids

There are many wonderful ballet steps for kids that they can do during class and at home for practice. When dealing with ballet positions for kids, one has to be careful to choose exercises that are appropriate for the age and strength of the child.  Doing exercises before the child is ready for it could … Read more

Ballet Bar Exercises – Why On Earth Do We Need To Do Bar Exercises?

ballet bar exercises

Ballet bar exercises make up almost 50% of the ballet class at times, and bar work has been going on as long as ballet has been around.  Some people think that ballet bar exercises are outdated, and they are not needed anymore in the training of ballet. As a ballet student, you will either love … Read more

All The Basic Ballet Positions Explained

Here are some basic ballet positions explanations and illustrations for you.   There are 5 basic foot positions and 5 basic arm positions in ballet – 1st to 5th position in both feet and arms. Basic Ballet Positions Illustrations Here are some ballet positions illustrations and descriptions to help you to understand them in your … Read more

Turnout In Ballet and How To Increase Your Turnout

turnout in ballet

Turnout in ballet is a very controversial subject, and every ballet dancer wants to achieve perfect turnout. But how does turnout actually work and what are the limits. Let’s look at some of the muscle groups and ways in which we can increase our turnout in ballet. Why is this and why do we need … Read more

How To Teach Skipping To A 3 Year Old

how to teach skipping

Are you a dance teacher who is pulling her hair out in the process of how to teach skipping to your babies? Unfortunately, if a 3-year-old can’t skip naturally already, it is usually quite difficult to teach them the skill of skipping for dance purposes. All children should learn this skill as it is a … Read more

The Ballet Bible – Is it worth it?

the ballet bible

Update 2020: Unfortunately this product has now been taken off the market place. If you would like some private online lessons, please email me at for further information. I purchased The Ballet Bible DVD a few years ago, shortly after it came out, to get some ideas to use with my teaching, and these are my … Read more

Do You Need A Ballet Turning Board To Do Good Turns?

ballet turning board

The new dance rage at the moment seems to be the ballet turning board. This board also goes by other names like dance turn board, pirouette turning board or just plain TurnBoard. It seems like this is the must have for any dancer who wants to improve their turns. Training to do pirouettes in ballet requires … Read more

How To Pirouette In Ballet – Tips and Tricks

how to pirouette in ballet

Pirouettes are one of those things in ballet that take endless practice, and there are no shortcuts when it comes to how to pirouette in ballet. Here are some tips and tricks to improve your pirouettes How To Pirouette In Ballet Tips and Tricks From the Pros Learn to turn first – form and technique … Read more