Free Online Dance Classes Beginners Can Do

If you are looking for free online dance classes beginners will manage, you don’t need to look far at all. With the availability of the internet and Google, it is possible to learn new things, including dance online. There are even free online dance classes beginners can follow freely available. I have posted a few examples below.

I am sure that there are many people out there who would love to learn to dance, but for reasons such as financial constraints, living too far away from a dance studio and various other factors, they are often prevented from doing so.

Fortunately, there are loads of apps and online video’s available nowadays that teach you to dance from the comfort of your own home.

If you use ‘free online dance classes beginners‘ as your search term on Google,  there are loads of videos online that can give you the basics of whatever dance discipline that you are looking for.

Looking up dance lessons, and doing dance lessons online in no way makes up for the real thing, but online dance lessons can introduce somebody to the joy of dance right in the comfort of their own lounges.

The most popular dances learned online are the Ballroom and Latin American Dances, followed closely with hip-hop and street dancing.

Are Online Classes Good For You?
Free Online Dance Classes Beginners

The downside of doing these online dance lessons is that there is nobody to check that what you are doing is correct, and in this way, you can develop bad habits over time that can be incredibly difficult to break, especially if you are looking to take your dancing to new and higher levels.

So if you are looking to learn to dance online, my advice to you would be to take a discipline such as Hip Hop or Street dance and learn a routine, rather than try to emulate a difficult contemporary, Latin American or ballet routine.  At least with Hip Hop, you can develop your own style, and not too much can go wrong with the basic technique that can’t be corrected later.

Just be very careful of trying to copy B-boy steps that involve spinning on your head or balancing on your neck. This is just asking for trouble and lifelong injuries as you won’t know if you are strong enough to perform the movement correctly and safely.

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Another good way to introduce yourself to various dance steps is to invest in some dancercise videos or look up some online.  The steps are simple and put together in a choreographic way that makes them fun to learn and do as well as giving you a brilliant cardiac workout. They also make you feel like you are dancing.

They also make you feel great, just like you should feel when you are dancing.

Here are a few that you can purchase online. Simply click on the picture if you want to find out more about the content.

Most importantly, enjoy your dance and make the most of it.  Dancing is great fun, a brilliant form of exercise, and a creative outlet for that inner Diva.

If you would like to try an online ballet course, you can read more here.

Free Online Dance Classes Beginners Will Love

Here are some free online dance classes beginners will love that I have found to help you along.

Online videos can be fun to follow, but be careful not to turn your feet out too much, as some of the demonstrators do, or you could injure yourself. Please do not use these as a replacement for conventional dance lessons given by a qualified dance instructor.

Here is a great ballet video found online, and it gives quite a detailed explanation. You can learn and follow along quite easily, just make sure to listen to your body and don’t force it to do something uncomfortable before you are ready.

Here are some basic hip hop moves for you to try:

This is just a bonus extra, that has some lovely ideas for the tiny tots. Children love stories and the singing adds to the fun of the class. You can spend some real quality time with your kids doing this with them on a rainy day.

Here is to having fun with your free online dance classes beginners can enjoy.

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  1. It is never too late to learn to dance at any age. And when I just want to dance (I’m not a professional dancer) I turn on my favorite app Dance Steps Videos by Arcane App Studio and enjoy dancing


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