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Dance Career Opportunities – What If I Am Not a Good Enough Dancer?

As you probably know, it takes a lot to make it as a dancer, especially a ballet dancer.  But did you know that there are many more Dance Career Opportunities that are on offer for those that don’t have those perfect ballet bodies, or the skills to match.

A lot of dancers would love a dance career, but don’t get accepted into any of the major dance companies.  The competition is stiff, and only the best of the best make it into the most prestigious companies.

It is a difficult life floating from audition to audition and hoping that you can get work, as a free lance dancer, unless you have a good support system.

Here are some other great opportunities for dancers, and the best part is that these jobs are all related to dance or  to the performing arts.

With these jobs you won’t necessary be in the limelight, as they are more the unsung hero type career opportunities

So, What Other Dance Career Opportunities Can I Do?

Here is a list of jobs that you could do, and you will enjoy as a lover of the arts, and a trained dancer.

  • Dance Teacher or Mistress in a company.
  • Swing – A person who understudies several roles in an ensemble.
  • Armourer – Maintains all the props and prop weapons.
  • Chaperone – Looking after child actors in a show.
  • Dance Captain – Oversea the dancers and maintain the choreography.
  • Choreographer
  • Dresser – Helps the performers with costume changes.
  • Fight Director – choreographs stage fights.
  • Flyperson – operates scenery from high above the stage.
  • Prompter – Follows the text and reminds the actors of any lines they forget.
  • Rigger – In charge of hanging scenery.
  • Benish Notator – Writes out the dance choreography in Benish Notation.
  • Costume Manager
  • Costume Designer
  • Stage Manager
  • Company Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Dancing or choreographing on a ship.
  • Pianist – If you can play the piano, dance schools are always looking for good pianists.




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