Dance Career Opportunities / Dance Employment Opportunities

As you probably know, it takes a lot to make it as a dancer, especially a ballet dancer.  But did you know that there are many more Dance Career Opportunities and Dance Employment Opportunities that are on offer for those that don’t have those perfect ballet bodies, or the skills to match.

A lot of dancers would love a career in dance or the arts, but don’t get accepted into any of the major dance companies.  The competition is stiff, and only the best of the best make it into the most prestigious companies. Being a dancer is also the type of career you can only do while you are young and fit, so you also need to prepare yourself for what you will do once your career as a dancer is over.

It is a difficult life floating from audition to audition and hoping that you can get work, as a free lance dancer, unless you have a good support system.

Here are some other great opportunities for dancers, and the best part is that these jobs are all related to dance or to the performing arts.

With some of these jobs you won’t necessary be in the limelight, as they are more the unsung hero type career opportunities

So, What Other Dance Career Opportunities Can I Do?

Here is a list of dance employment opportunities that you could take advantage of, and that you will also enjoy as a lover of the arts, and a trained dancer.

  • Dance Teacher or Mistress in a company.
  • Swing – A person who understudies several roles in an ensemble.
  • Armourer – Maintains all the props and prop weapons.
  • Chaperone – Looking after child actors in a show.
  • Dance Captain – Oversee the dancers and maintain the choreography.
  • Choreographer.
  • Dresser – Helps the performers with costume changes.
  • Fight Director – choreographs stage fights.
  • Flyperson – operates scenery from high above the stage.
  • Prompter – Follows the text and reminds the actors of any lines they forget.
  • Rigger – In charge of hanging scenery.
  • Benish Notator – Writes out the dance choreography in Benish Notation.
  • Costume Manager.
  • Costume Designer.
  • Stage Manager.
  • Company Manager.
  • Production Manager.
  • Dancing or choreographing on a ship.
  • Pianist – If you can play the piano, dance schools are always looking for good pianists.
  • Online jobs like a YouTuber or Influencer on Instagram or Tik Tok.
  • Pilates instructor.
  • PBT instructor.
  • Freelance teacher or choreographer.
  • Hire yourself out to do high school musicals as a choreographer.
  • Hire yourself out to edit music for teachers.
  • Offer to do admin for dance studios, as most teachers are too busy to handle this side of their businesses. This will include handling of accounts and sending out communication.
  • Workshops for local dance studio’s.
  • Judging competitions.
  • Study further and get into sports injury management or biokinetics. You already have a pretty good understanding of how the muscles in the body work in relation to one another.
  • Start your own website like this one. If you also love to write about your passion for dancing, you can earn a full time income doing this. To find out how to get started this company has the best training on the internet today.
  • Start a dance group and hire yourselves out for events and promotions.

dance employment opportunities

As you can see from the list above there are just so many Dance Career Opportunities and Dance Employment Opportunities that you could explore. Don’t settle for that boring office job if you don’t have to. You only live once, so make sure that you spend your life doing something that you love.

10 thoughts on “Dance Career Opportunities / Dance Employment Opportunities”

  1. Wow, I did not expect at all the list of potential opportunities to be such a lengthy one. I mean, I was thinking of the classic ones like a dance teacher or doing the choreography of some play but I loved it. The list had definitely a few unconventional ones, the way I see it.

    I mean, being a pianist, you don’t really think about that when it comes to dancing career opportunities but I 100% see how that could play out to be such a great way of still being in the dance field. 

    Workshops are another one I somehow didn’t come to think about. Whereas starting one’s own website regarding dancing is kind of like a jackpot in these crazy pandemic-stuffed times. So, thank you for that. I will be looking more into it. Cheers. 🙂

  2. I wish I could dance and sing but I absolutely suck in those two departments. Is there a place I can learn how to dance online? Do you perhaps know of any place. There are a lot of dancers in my family so I will be sure to share this article with them. I am sure they will appreciate it.

    • There are many teachers now that offer online classes, and many of them are good, although I don’t think any online classes can beat going to dance in a live studio.

      Google online dance lessons and take your pick.

  3. Ok so I love dancing I have since I was little. I remember taking ballet and jazz when I was little. However because of my height I was told I could never dance. I really like your article I knew there was a lot to do with dance but some I never knew. Being a dancer is tough but there is so much more one can do. For years I danced but never taught it because I thought it was to late for me. However a year ago I got certified as a Ujam dance instructor. I have loved every minute of it. Dance can be enjoyed in many other ways besides broadway. I really liked your article so thank you. Remember keep on dancing.

    • Thanks for stopping by Kiersti and I am glad you didn’t get put of by people telling you that you are too short. Well done on your certification. Keep dancing, no matter what they tell you.

  4. I was needing to find out more information to help my daughter find more dancing opportunities she loves to dance. Right now she loves teaching line dancing but she was doing it mainly for free and for close friends & family. This is a great list of different dancing opportunities and some that she will benefit from. I will be sharing this list with her on social media. 

    • Hope your daughter gets some inspiration Jannette, as there is also so much scope with line dancing at the moment. People of all ages can do line dancing, so she would probably find a good job in a retirement establishment too if she wanted.

  5. You listed a great number of jobs that some would not associate with dance. I would like to think that there are even more associated with dance such as: accounting, payroll, travel agent. It takes a great deal of time to become a noted dancer which is one of the reasons so many people will wait for the call.


    • Thanks for stopping by Jerry. 

      Well dancers are normally very good a maths, so accounting and payroll could be on the cards, but this list is more geared towards the dancer who wants to use her dancing skills.


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