How To Become A Dance Teacher – Is It Easy?

I often get asked by my pupils how to become a dance teacher, teach children and if I think it is a worthwhile profession. How To Become A Dance Teacher If you want to become a dance teacher, it does require the following: Years of dance training, preferably from a young age; Studying through the … Read more

Dance Studio Management and How To Teach Dancing

dance studio management

If you want to know more about Dance Studio Management, how to open a dance studio, how to teach dancing, and how to own the best dance studio in town, then you need to get yourself a copy of So You Think You Can Teach Dancing. This book is an ebook written by Diane Sheehan, … Read more

How To Teach Dancing With Positive Reinforcement

how to teach dancing

If you are a dance instructor, you may want to focus on how to teach dancing by not giving negative corrections or corrections the children don’t understand. Using positive reinforcement is a great way to correct your pupils and also make sure your pupils grow in their dancing and understand what they need to work … Read more