I am a firm believer that every child should take dance lessons.  It teaches them discipline, self motivation and how to control and move their bodies through space with control and coordination.

Some of My Cuties

What little girl hasn’t wanted to fly though the clouds with her own pair of fairy wings, or be a princess for a day.

With a good ballet class this and more is all possible.  There is nothing better than seeing children using their imaginations to grow and have fun.

This is why I would like to focus this website on little dancers and children who want to learn to dance, as well as a resource for teachers who teach young children.

Not all little dancers will become future dance stars, but that doesn’t matter.  It is the value and the joy that learning to dance can give a child, and this can benefit him or her throughout their lives.

Dance can do wonders for a shy or conservative child, by giving them confidence in themselves.

Dance can do wonders for children with minor body defects for example, pigeon toes, weak feet and ankles, knock knees and collapsing arches.

Dance can do wonders for a bad mood.

Dance can do wonders for bad posture and round shoulders.

Dance can do wonders for weak core muscles and low muscle tone.

Dance is a great workout for the brain.

Dance is a wonderful compliment to most types of sports.