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Let’s Just Chat For A Moment About the Argentine Tango as a dance.

How Did The Argentine Tango Originate?

The Argentine Tango is a nostalgic dance which originated on the streets of Buenos Aires towards the end of the 19th century. It has grown in popularity over the years amongst social dancers. The music is a lot more varied and modern than the conventional ballroom tango music with elements of blues and rock music, which is why at some dances the Argentine Tango alone is danced all evening.

What Does The Argentine Tango Look Like?

Here is a good example:

The movements consist mainly of walks with the feet making close contact with the floor at all times. The follower normally walks with her legs outside of her partners. It is danced counterclockwise around the floor If you are dancing the Argentine Tango at a social, cutting across the middle of the floor is strongly frowned upon.

Argentine Tango is a bit different, a bit more dangerous and a bit more exciting than the normal tango. The reason for this is that the woman must allow the man to utterly ‘control her body.’ It is danced in an embrace which can vary from wide at arm’s length to a very close chest on chest.

Apart from having to balance herself perfectly with his frame, she has to feel the slightest hint of him stepping forward, so that she can shoot her corresponding foot backward and be ready for any sudden changes he makes.

The lady can occasionally choose to decorate him with her foot or leg, but mostly she is his mirroring puppet. This I know won’t suit a lot of strong-willed women, but on the dance floor, the men always have first say.

Some woman will struggle to come to terms with this imbalance, but this type of connection is very necessary to allow for the correct execution of the Argentine Tango Technique.

With the right partner, the Argentine Tango can be extremely sexy as well as strangely spiritual. The dancers have to give the audience the impression that they have been lovers forever.

In Buenos Aires, it is the quite common to have milongas or gatherings where the Argentine Tango is the dance of the evening. There are however a few rules you need to follow if attending one of these Milongas.

Firstly you have to dance with a partner for at least three songs, even if he dances like a ‘hefalump.’ Woman are never allowed to ask the men to dance. Men tend to try and avoid rejection by simply looking at you and jerking their heads towards the dance floor if they want to dance with you.

Whatever way you choose, the Argentine Tango might just be the dance for you, and if you enjoy ballroom dancing, then you simply have to give it a go.

What is the Difference between Tango and Argentine Tango?

If you are wondering what the difference between the Tango and Argentine Tango is, then this is it.

The main difference is the way the dancers dance for the two different dances and the difference in the choice of music.

The conventional ballroom tango has a very pronounced, prominent and steady tempo, similar to the Paso Doble. The Argentine Tango has a varied tempo.

Another difference between the Tango and Argentine Tango is that the Tango has basic steps that are choreographed in 8 counts, whereas the Argentine Tango is totally improvised.

Ballroom Tango often is a lot more formal to look at as the dancers dance further apart than in the Argentine Tango.

At an advanced level, the Argentine Tango is a lot more difficult to do than the Ballroom Tango.

Argentine Tango Dresses For Sale Online

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Argentine Tango Dresses OnlineArgentine Tango Dresses OnlineArgentine Tango Dresses OnlineArgentine Tango Dresses Online

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  1. Though I am a ballet teacher, I am always looking to learn new dance styles as I believe in diversity. This article has made me develop an interest in the Argentine Tango and I will definitely be signing up to learn it and I believe it would be easier due to my previous experience in ballet. Nice article once again. 

  2. What makes the traditional tango more popular than the Argentine tango? 

    Can learning Argentina tango as a man depict a sense of total dominion over the female body? 

    The Argentine tango dresses are a beauty to behold.

    Argentina tango is as unique as it is considered dangerous, looking and the similarities in the traditional tango and the  Argentina tango, can’t be said that the Argentine Tango is a much more dangerous than it seems.

    • It does have a look of danger in it, doesn’t it?  I think the traditional tango is just more popular as it has been around longer and more people teach it.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. The tango dance style is an exquisite dance style. I’ve always admired tango dancers because of the movement of their feet in quick motion. However, tango dancing has been difficult for me to achieve. These are beautiful tango dance clothes you’ve showcased here. I know many tango dancers will be appreciative of the style of these designs

    • Thanks for stopping by Louis.

      The tango is difficult, but like anything can be achieved and learned with patience and practice.

      I also love these tango dresses and am tempted to buy some for my own dancers.

  4. This is a nice review of the Argentine tango dress online. I really like the dance steps in the video. I will  recommend this dance style for grade 5 students in an high school which my little sis attends and very close to my house to perform in annual dance competition they take part in every year. The Argentina Tango dresses are lovely, I will order one of those for my fiancee, I like that, it’s really cool. How much is the price? 

  5. Hi, I have come to understand the Argentine tango dance by reading your dancing article. I’ve already heard of it. In the nineteenth-century Argentine tango dance was started, which is known as the dancer’s dance. A dancer’s clothing and mindset makes everything more interesting to the dancer. 

    I think that advertising and marketing of a dancer can play an important role in the marketing of any product. There is a difference between halloween dance and other dances. There is a lot of music to follow after dance. I think a dancer plays an important role in the company’s advertising. I like reading your article. I will keep it in the note.

  6. This is a great article about the Argentine Tango and the dresses are beautiful and I was opportune to meet with a tanguero once. We talked about the dance and I was thrilled. This post really shed a bright spotlight on my curiosities about the dance, probably the ones we didn’t discuss. Great work putting this up. 

  7. Hello Michel,

    This post is so informative about Argentine Tango. My wife is also a dancer, but totally in a different dance form, i.e., an Indian Classical dancer (Manipuri Dance). She always finds so romantic to watch Tango dance where she feels the connection of the dance partners. The beautiful and clever footsteps are the ones she truly enjoyed the most. All the dresses are looking so gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the post and best of luck.



  8. Hi, I read your whole article about Argentine Tango which was very interesting for me. This dance highlight Argentine heritage. I myself am a break dancer but I like this kind of classic dance. Here they showcase a beautiful  Argentine Tango dance outfit with two attractive costumes. That would be extraordinary to all. I really appreciate this dance. 

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  9. These dresses may work wonders for ballroom Tango but you’re misleading your readers by using “Argentine Tango” to describe them. We would never ever use these types of dresses in a social dance atmosphere nor for a Performance/ Show/ Stage scenario.
    It’s really annoying when people presume to know what Argentine Tango is really about when clearly, they’ve never even been to a Milonga.

    • My apologies to you Brisa, the dresses are simply described as they are in the shop, so I didn’t want to change the wording. I think they are simplified versions and mostly designed to wear for dress up parties or informal shows, as the real dresses cost a fortune.

    • I agree. There are so many fun-filled workshops going on right now to learn these skills. All you need is some energy and a willing partner to go and enjoy the Argentine Tango to the fullest.


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