Adventures In Pre School Dance Review

I have just bought myself Adventures In Pre School Dance, Imaginative Series, Volume 3 and am suitably impressed.adventures in pre school dance

I was getting a bit sick of all my existing themes, ideas, and music, so when I saw this collection by Andrew Holdsworth I decided to give it a try.

There is nothing quite like revamping your classes with new music and ideas to give your teaching a boost.

My Take On Adventures in Pre School Dance

This music is great for both little ones and slightly older ones, as it isn’t the traditional piano music used for ballet, but a combination of many exciting instruments used together, and the kids love the sounds.

I decided to try the volume. This Adventures In Pre School Dance Music has 30 pieces of music and is 49 minutes long. I ended up purchasing the entire album as I couldn’t decide which tunes the pre school dance children would love best.

The first part of the album is related to the seasons – Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, which is a class on its own, and you can make it very educational for the children. There are about four songs for each season with ideas you can use e.g. Minuet in the Sunshine (for summer).

Towards the end of the CD, there are a couple of musical and acting games for the children to play. My class especially enjoyed the Rock Star, Soldier or Footballer? game. This teaches the children to really listen to the music and recognize what to do to what type of music.

The joy of buying this music online is that you don’t need to buy the entire album. You can simply pick whichever music you want and pay per track.

I will definitely look at growing my collection further with more of Andrew Holdsworth’s music.

These are some of the titles available online for immediate download. You can click on the pics to listen to samples of the tracks.

pre school dancepre school dancepre school dance

Please comment below if you have tried teaching with Adventures in Pre School Dance and let us all know how it went.


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