Posture for Kids

posture for kids

When teaching ballet to young children, especially those in preschool, we have to be careful how we address posture for kids, especially when it comes to training certain aspects of ballet technique. We need to be both realistic and safe when teaching these little bodies and be very aware of what we are saying, as their … Read more

Grand Battement Definition and How To Do It

grand battement definition

Grand Battement Definition A grand battement definition in ballet is a controlled throwing up of the working leg to its full height, while keeping both legs straight, and then controlling the downward movement of the leg. The movement is usually done pretty quickly to music with a strong and brisk tempo. Grand battement can also … Read more

How To Get More Students For Your Dance Studio

how to get more students for your dance studio

As dance teachers, we would all like to know the magic formula on how to get more students for your dance studio, and keep them motivated and interested so they stay for the long haul. Here are some tips for dance teachers that may help. How To Get More Students for your Dance Studio New … Read more

How To Improve Your Ballet Technique

how to improve your ballet technique

What is in ballet technique you may ask?  Classical Ballet Technique The Classical Ballet Technique book on the left has some great tips on how to improve your ballet technique and is written by an ex-dancer and teacher. “An excellent, comprehensive guide to ballet pedagogy valuable to teachers and students alike. For many years, Gretchen’s has … Read more

Dance Teacher Career Information – Pros and the Cons

dance teacher career information

If you are deciding whether or not you want to be a teacher of dance, here is some dance teacher career information you may find interesting. As a teacher of dance myself, I find it both an enjoyable and rewarding career. It has many ups and downs, just like any job, and sometimes it is … Read more