Funny Dancing Videos

Everyone loves a good laugh, and these funny dancing videos are some of the best that I have seen online. It is very tricky to make a funny video in dance, as there is no talking, but some of these have got it down to a fine art.


Funny Dancing Videos 

I am sure that all dance teachers can relate to this one. We all have that one child in the class that is the class clown, or the one that never concentrates or listens.

This is my all time favorite, as it is a professional dance company, and they are trying to make the dancing look as though there are no mistakes. I thought this one was very cleverly done.

This one is very clever, but not necessarily that funny.

Here, Ida Nevaseyneva real name Paul Ghiselin, does a retake on Michael Fokine’s Dying Swan Choreography. I just can’t work out how she/he managed to lose so many feathers.

A finally a take on the four swans from Swan Lake. There are loads of these, but I liked this one best.

Which one is your favorite of the funny dancing videos?

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