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Short Stories For Kids – Pre Ballet Class Ideas for your Baby Ballerinas

One of the more difficult jobs of a dance teacher is thinking up new ideas and short stories for kids for a ballet class.  Sometimes the creative juices just don’t want to flow freely, and thinking up pre-ballet class ideas for your beginners can become a nightmare.

Here on this post, I would like to give you some ideas of short stories for kids, starting with this one.  I call this class ‘The Magic Island.’  For my littlies I like to present my classes in story format as it just makes it more interesting for them.

If parents want to have some fun and bonding time with their kids, they will enjoy acting this story out with you.

The Magic Island Short Stories For Kids Lesson Plan

This is a class I adapt according to ability, but most of it works for children from the ages of three to five years old.short stories for kids

I start the class with the children sitting with their legs bent in front of them with feet together and flat on the floor, like they are sitting in a canoe.  I tell them that they are going to row to the magic island.  We hold the oars in both hands and twist the body side to side.  When our arms get ‘tired of rowing’ I let them shake out their arms, then legs, then both together before carrying on with the rowing.  In this way, they are warming up their bodies in a gentle way before they start to dance.

Next for fun, we imagine the sharks are chasing us, so we see who can row the fastest while keeping their legs and feet glued together.  This really works the waist and inner thighs.

We row so fast that we crash into some rocks, so now we have to swim. They stand up in the boat, hold their noses and jump overboard.

While swimming on tippy toes, we can imitate various arm movements used during swimming, for instance, breast stroke, free style or doggy paddle.  We can even swim backwards with the older kids.

Once we get to the beach, the sand is really really hot, so we need to jump from foot to foot.  This is the basis for pony trots.

We then find ourselves a rock pool to dip our feet into. Here we can do either point and close, or point and lift foot sharply out of water and balance with the foot placed on the side of the knee.

From here we start our island adventure in various different ways, depending on the class you and age group that you are teaching.  Some ideas you could follow through on are as follows:

Blowing up our beach balls and bouncing them (jumps).
Swimming like star fish by lying on the floor on our backs and moving our arms and legs in and out sideways simultaneously like an angel, then kicking our legs fast in the air as we swim quickly away from the sharks.
Walking like crabs sideways with legs in a demi plie in seconde. The children love to make cheeky crab faces here.
Swimming with the fish or dolphins.
Walking like penguins with duck feet. We also eat fish and try to run like penguins. Small steps here with turned out feet as penguin have very short legs.
Flying like seagulls, which is very similar to flying like fairies.
Picking up magic sea shells with special fingers (thumb and middle finger).
Mermaids. The children love this one. We can do anything on the floor, but we have to keep our legs and feet glued together.
Mermaids riding on sea horses. Here you can introduce pony gallops.

At the end of the adventure we normally catch a ride back home on Puff the Magic Dragon’s back. We swoop through the sky and blow fire out through our noses.

At the end of our lesson we normally have a stretch before falling asleep in our bed after an exhausting day at Magic Island.

I hope you enjoyed reading another lesson plan in my short stories for kids series.

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  1. I have been using these stories for my virtual creative dance classes and the kids LOVE them! It’s so fun to go on an adventure to teach different steps, and I love how much the kids use their imagination. Thank you so much for the ideas!!


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