What Are The Best Shoes For Mortons Neuroma

Morton’s Neuroma, Morton’s Metatarsalgia or Interdigital Neuroma are all the same foot ailment, which was named after Dr Morton who first described this condition in 1876. Down below I have placed some links for what are the best shoes for Mortons Neuroma.

It is not known what exactly causes Morton’s Neuroma, but it is a condition that affects one of the nerves that run between the long bones (metatarsals) in the foot.  Some doctors say it is caused as a result of long-standing (chronic) stress and irritation of a plantar digital nerve.

This is not the most comfortable condition to have, especially for dancers, as symptoms include pain, burning, numbness and tingling between two of the toes of the foot which are affected.  Because the space between the second and third Metatarsal, and the third and forth metatarsal is narrower in the foot, these nerves are more likely to be irritated and compressed, especially when wearing narrow shoes.  Dancers must be extremely careful that the pointe shoes they wear are not too narrow.

Most of the time Morton’s Neuroma can be controlled by changing or modifying your shoes (not always possible for dancers).  In more chronic and long standing cases, surgery is the only option.

More women than men seem to suffer from this condition, and it is probably due to the fact that they wear high heels, and of course ballet dancers wear pointe shoes which doesn’t help matters. The pain is normally relieved by taking the shoes off and massaging the affected area.  Stretching the calf muscles can also help to relieve the tension in the foot.  Here are some products that will help to alleviate foot pain associated with Morton’s Neuroma.what are the best shoes for mortons neuroma

Neuroma Pads

These are used for interdigital Morton’s Neuroma and work by spreading the bones at the base of the toes that are pinching nerves.

Metatarsal Sleeve, Women’s 7-12/Men’s 6-11

what are the best shoes for mortons neuromaThis is a soft elastic sleeve that fits over your foot comfortably.  It has an extra soft gel pad which enhances cushioning and eases pain.  The toe loop maintains proper positioning and prevents slipping.

I don’t have Morton’s Neuroma, but I like to wear these inside my shoes when I stand a lot for extra cushioning.

LEAGY Toe Stretchers, Pain Relief Bunion, Plantar Fasciitis, Hallux Valgus, Perfect Quickly Alleviating Pain After Practicing Ballet, Dance, Yoga Sports Activities, Lifetime Foot Pain Relief (①)

what are the best shoes for mortons neuroma

  • Our Doctor Recommended Toe Stretchers Provide Quick & Effective Foot Pain Relief
  • HYPO allergy and latex-free toe stretchers improve flexibility.  
  • Five toe stretcher lets you keep your favorite activity without stopping because of the pain and discomfort.
  • One size fits all.
  • Great for the following: hallux cystic swelling, hammertoes, MORTON ‘ s foot Acoustic Neuroma, overcrowding at planter Fasciitis pain or deformity of the toe.
  • Stretch and relax your tense and weary feet.  Results are guaranteed.
  • Complementary free eBook is included about foot care.

What Are The Best Shoes For Mortons Neuroma

what are the best shoes for mortons neuroma

Mortons Neuroma sufferers need comfortable shoes that are wider in the toe area. These are some that you can buy online that are super comfortable and have space for your toes to spread.

OESH Women’s La Vida v2.0 Shoe Charcoal 8

These are so comfy, you will not want to take them off.

  • Designed for women, by a woman scientist-engineer with a Harvard MD
  • Wide, spacious forefoot allows natural foot movement to maximize strength and health.
  • Entirely based on medical-science, the La Vida offers a different approach to plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, knee pain & knee osteoarthritis, metatarsalgia, and other lower extremity medical conditions
  • Patented and proprietary OESH® Sole responds to body weight/instant of physiological vulnerability
  • Perfectly flat interior easily accommodates orthotics and all foot types.

Oasis Men’s Jimmie Walking Shoes,White,11 M US
what are the best shoes for mortons neuroma

  • Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Rubber out sole with Foot Cradle Technology to provide stability and supports your heel in a neutral position to encourage a proper walking gait; Reinforced toe box protects toes without a bulky look.
  • Trek-Dry vamp lining has natural antimicrobial properties and ceramic fiber that disperses moisture for a dry, healthy foot environment.
  • Natural Skintex lining treatment, with antibacterial silver ions, helps keep skin smooth and soft; Nylon composite shank adds stability.

Z-CoiL Women’s Z-Breeze Slip Resistant Black Leather Sandal 7 C/D US
what are the best shoes for mortons neuroma

A highly unusual shoe, but this style is becoming popular in the workout field.

  • Leather with a rubber sole.
  • Genuine full grain soft leather accommodates every curve of the foot.
  • Easy slip-on style with hook and loop closure insures easy on/off and a great fit.
  • Forefoot EVA cushioning cushions the ball of the foot and toes, which is a bonus if you are on your feet all day.
  • Built-in Z-Orthotic protects plantar ligaments
  • Wide toe box prevents toe irritation, which is perfect if you suffer from Morton’s Neuroma.

Hope you find in this post what are the best shoes for Mortons Neuroma for yourself.  Please comment below and let me know if you have found something better.


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