Plank Exercises For Core Strength

plank exercises for core strength

Although it may seem simple, nothing beats plank exercises for core strength.  As it is very important for dancers to have core strength, this site wouldn’t be complete without some articles relating to the core strength that dancers need. Here are some great variations of the simple plank exercise that can get your core fit … Read more

Ballet Dance Moves

ballet barre exercises

Ballet is a wonderful art that allows you to express yourself through movement.  Here are some ballet dance moves for you to try for yourself. First, you will need to get acquainted with the basic arm positions and the basic foot positions.  These two links will take you through some basic ballet moves and positions. … Read more

Nutcracker Ballet Story – Synopsis

the nutcracker ballet story

The Nutcracker Ballet Story is a well known one, and many ballet companies around the world like to perform this ballet during the Christmas Season. Most famous is of course, Tchaikovsky’s music which is recognised world wide.  When the Nutcracker was first performed as a ballet, at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg on the 18th … Read more

Nutcracker Ballet Gift Ideas

Nutcracker gift ideas

Everybody loves the Nutcracker Ballet, and if you have a special little somebody in your life that is ballet-mad, there could be a perfect gift for them in the form of Nutcracker Ballet Gifts.  Here are some wonderful Nutcracker Ballet Gift Ideas. Best of all, you can buy all these gifts online, hassle free. The … Read more

Exercises For Core Strength – Yes Dancers Do Need Strong Cores

exercies for core strength

Why do dancers need exercises for core strength? As dancers, we need to have strong cores.  One of the reasons we need to keep our core strong is to protect our spines.  Having strong core muscles enables dancers to do more with their bodies, with less chance of injury.  Here in this post, I am going … Read more