How To Be A Great Dancer

This article is for you serious dancers out there. There’s nothing wrong with being a good dancer, but if you love your dancing, why not strive to be a great dancer? Here are some tips on how to be a great dancer for all you hungry dancers out there who don’t just want to be good or mediocre.

Many people think that dancers are born with the gift of dancing and that not everyone can dance. However, this is not true as everyone can be a good dancer if they have enough practice.

How To Be A Great Dancer

how to be a great dancer

Don’t Skip The Basics

No matter how good you get, you will always need to warm up, cool down, and stretch.

You will also always need to be working on your technique as a great technique is the foundation of a great dancer. So no matter how boring it is, do that barre work and do it with love.

Dance For Yourself And Not To Impress Others

If you are dancing to impress others it will be painfully obvious as you will look like you are dancing to get a reaction.

The most powerful dancing comes from within, a place of raw emotion and this will allow you to reach that similar place in those that watch you. The more honestly you dance and express yourself with, the more your creation will resonate with your audience.

Remember this saying:

“Dancers that dance to get will never be as great as dancers who dance to give.”

So when you dance, feel your music, feel your movements with your entire being. Don’t worry about what you look like, but rather focus on what you feel.

Great Dancers Are Always Learning

Having a fixed mindset will stunt your growth as a dancer. If you are always open to learning new things, even when you think that you know it all, you will have limitless potential to be great, because you are not capping your own growth.

So find some role models. Look at other great dancers and choreographers and see what you can learn from them. Take your constructive criticism from your teachers and work on your faults.

Keep going to class, as this is what makes your technique better.

You don’t need to feel envious or competitive, simply soak in as much as you can. If you are aiming to be a great dancer, you are always trying to improve your own skills and finding ways to make yourself even better.

Even great dancers out there are always striving to learn new things so that they can become better.

Never Be Predictable

Remember this. “Good dancers please the eye, but great dancers stir up the mind.”

Yes, it is important to have great technique, but beyond your technique, you need to deliver something extraordinary. Do something that your audience doesn’t expect.

Don’t be scared to try out something new. New music or new costumes/concepts are refreshing to watch and who knows you could become the next trendsetter.

Let your true self shine through.

Learn The Difference Between Confident And Humble

You can dance with confidence, but if you are cocky too, you believe that everyone should be watching you.

You need to show confidence in your performances, yes, but you also need to remain grounded and humble, because there is always somebody that you can learn from.

Keep working on yourself and that will give you the confidence that nobody can take away from you.

In other words, be more concerned with improving yourself rather than trying to prove yourself.

Learn To Play

Experiment with different choreography, or funny transitions. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Don’t think of choreography as a chore, but rather as a game of creativity. Let your innovation come alive by playing with sounds and movements, and you could have the next great dance to show to the world.

When you dance, think of your entire body, even as far as your facial expressions or eye contact go. Dancing is after all about the whole picture.

Look After Yourself

As a dancer, your body is your most precious asset. Your mind may come up with the images, but your body has to work hard to create those images or paint those pictures.

A great dancer will train their body as an athlete does and take care of it like a good nurse.

Obviously, you can still get injured, but it won’t be through carelessness or lack of foresight.

If you get injured, be smart about your recovery and never dance on an injury, or you will risk suffering long-term damage, and perhaps putting a halt to your dancing career.

Self-care is something all dancers need to find time for.

how to be a great dancer

Great Dancers Commit No Matter What

Dancing is very demanding, but to be great one has to learn to dedicate yourself to the art.

Dancers that commit to their teams or projects, as well as putting everything into their performances are those that end up being great.

Great dancers are always willing to go the extra mile and give of their best at all times.

Find Joy In What You Do

Those who truly love dancing will chase it with vigor. They stay motivated because they enjoy it so much.

They find it so addictive and rewarding, that growth is just a side effect of indulging in something that they truly enjoy.

You already have so much greatness within you, it is just a matter of letting it shine through.

If you have any other thoughts or tips on how to be a great dancer, please post them below.

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  1. When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a dancer. It all looks very beautiful, but of course the hard work of a dancer is hidden. I don’t know if I could dance as a great professional if I had decided to dedicate my life to it. I should have at least tried.

    • The life of a dancer is not for everyone, as one has to basically eat, sleep and live dancing. Thankfully there are other professions if you love dancing that you can also pursue, like choreography and teaching.


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