Today The Royal Academy Of Dance Turns 100

Wow, The Royal Academy Of Dance is turning 100 today, on the last day of 2020.

Happy new year all, and here is an interesting post to read all about the RAD’s Birthday celebrations.


A new image for the RAD to celebrate it’s first 100 years.

5 thoughts on “Today The Royal Academy Of Dance Turns 100”

  1. Thanks for sharing this video. I’m glad The Royal Academy of Dance has reached 100 years old. Seeing the video reminds me of my father, who used to learn and become a professional ballet. At one time, I also interested to learn some modern dance skills. Maybe I’ll try to learn the basic again to fill some spare time during this self-quarantine period.

  2. Haha, thanks for the article. Wow, I had no idea the Royal Academy of Dance was that old already! I don’t have too much experience with dance myself. However, I did take ballet classes in my school for a year and it was definitely worth it! With the RAD turning 100 years old, it’s nice to take a look back at their legacy, what they’ve done for the dance world, and what they’ll continue to do for the dance world! 

  3. The Royal Academy of Dance has certainly earned a salute for the invaluable contribution to the world of dancing.

    Having the Queen Mother and the current Queen Elizabeth II as patrons has been a plus for RAD. The number of people that have been inspired around the world to reach for their dreams is incalculable. Those who wanted to enter the RAD exams worked hard to achieve their dreams, unfortunately only a few could be chosen. 

    It still inspires people to reach for their dreams and to work hard to make those dreams come true. It is a truly remarkable institution that has withstood the test of time.


  4. You know, the only one time that I have ever heard about the Royal Academy of Dance was when I was watching a cartoon a few years ago and really I didn’t think that it was something real. Now I understand that it is an international organization and I see just how far they have come. They are a big inspiration to many other companies out there.


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