A Day In The Life Of A Ballerina

a day in the life of a ballerina

Girls who dance while they are growing up often dream of becoming professional dancers. But this career choice isn’t for everyone and here we are going to look at a day in the life of a ballerina. In order to become a dancer professionally, you must absolutely live for your dancing. You won’t have much … Read more

Fondu In Ballet and How To Do It

fondu in ballet

The term ‘Fondu’ in ballet means melted. Think of a fondue meal with melted cheese. Fondu in ballet is the melting or bending of the supporting leg with coordination. At the barre, dancers do an exercise called battement fondu. This is the bending and stretching of the supporting leg while coordinating with the bending and … Read more

Ballet Foot Stretcher Dancers Will Love

foot stretcher dancers

SUPERIOR ARCH Foot Stretcher for Ballet and Gymnastics, Blackberry Because dancers and gymnasts are always looking to improve the shape and flexibility of their feet, a couple of clever manufacturers have developed an interesting gadget called a ballet foot stretcher dancers can use to improve their overall foot appearance. The one above is proving to be … Read more