How To Buy Ballet Shoes Online And Save

how to buy ballet shoes online

Many dancers would love to know how to buy ballet shoes online, as it works out a lot cheaper in most cases, not to mention that there are so many more choices available than one would find at your local dance shop. In fact, there are many places that you can buy ballet shoes online from. … Read more

Capezio Dancewear That Dancers Love Wearing

capezio dance wear

There are many companies that manufacture dancewear, costumes and other great dance essentials for both students and professional dancers, but Capezio dancewear is one of the most popular brands of dance gear out there. Capazio dancewear has over a hundred years of experience in the performing arts field, and I have included a brief history … Read more

How To Find Good Ballet Classes For Kids

Finding good ballet classes for kids can sometimes be challenging.  It helps to shop around and let your child try out a few classes at different dance schools and venues before making the final decision. How To Find Good Ballet Classes For Kids First, and of course most importantly, make sure that the dance teacher … Read more

What Is Creative Dance Exactly?

What Is Creative Dance? Many people are not quite sure when you ask them what is creative dance. Some teachers think it is a load of rubbish aimed at those who cannot learn formal dancing, but I believe this is a specialized niche, and everyone can benefit from creative dance, even if you don’t know … Read more

Bunion Products And Can You Treat Bunions Without Surgery?

treat bunions without surgery

Can One Treat Bunions Without Surgery? Whether or not you can treat bunions without surgery is a much-debated topic, and it also depends on the severity of the bunion. There are a lot of bunion products on the market that can help one to alleviate some of the discomfort and pain caused by bunions. Bunions … Read more

Some Pointe Shoe History For You

pointe shoe history

Ballet dancing on pointe has only been happening for the past couple of hundred years. According to pointe shoe history, pointe work is a relatively new and ongoing development. Ballet dancing itself was happening for about 200 years before pointe work even came into the picture. Technology and advancement on the pointe shoe are ongoing … Read more