Some Pointe Shoe History For You

pointe shoe history

Ballet dancing on pointe has only been happening for the past couple of hundred years. According to pointe shoe history, pointe work is a relatively new and ongoing development. Ballet dancing itself was happening for about 200 years before pointe work even came into the picture. Technology and advancement on the pointe shoe are ongoing … Read more

La Sylphide Ballet Story – The Epitome of Romanticism

la sylphide ballet story

La Sylphide ballet story was ballet’s statement ballet in the Age of Romanticism. Marie Taglioni was and always will be the incarnation of its ideal. Her light and graceful dancing and her use of pointe for expressive purposes were fully exploited in the ballet that her father created for her in 1832. La Sylphide became … Read more



All About The Ballet Vespri Above is an extract from Vespri the Opera which was very popular at a time. A lot of people haven’t heard about the Ballet Vespri, and it was also quite difficult to research it, as there isn’t that much about the ballet online. I happened to see the ballet or a … Read more