Scheherazade Ballet Story And History

Scheherazade ballet story

The Scheherazade Ballet is another one of those old Russian Ballets that has stood the test of time. In this article, I will be looking at both the Scheherazade ballet story and history, as I love to see how these old ballets originated and were put together. A Bit Of Ballet History The original Scheherazade … Read more

Le Carnaval – What Happened To This Ballet?

le carnaval

Le Carnaval was a pantomime ballet which was one act long written and danced in the early 1900’s. Lebretto and choreography was by Fokine Music was written by Schumann and orchestration was done by Rimsky-Korsakov. Scenery and Costumes were done by Leon Bakst. Le Carnaval ballet was first performed after three spontaneous rehearsals as a … Read more

Les Sylphides Chopin – The Ballet And It’s History

les sylphides chopin

Les Sylphides Chopin – The History Les Sylphides Chopin ballet is a famous ballet in one act. The choreography was done by Fokine and the music by Chopin. Les Sylphides was first performed at an examination performance at the Maryinsky Theater, St Petersburg on the 20th of March 1908. It was then performed in a … Read more

The Sleeping Beauty Ballet

The History Of The Sleeping Beauty Ballet Marius Petipa and Ivan Vsevolojsky wrote the story of The Sleeping Beauty Ballet originally, which was based on Charles Perrault’s 1697 fairy tale ‘The Sleeping Beauty In The Wood.’ Tchaikovsky wrote the music and then Marius Petipa designed the dances. The Sleeping Beauty Ballet was first presented at … Read more

La Bayadere Ballet Story

la bayadere ballet

La Bayadere Ballet is a huge spectacle of a production in four acts and seven scenes. The choreography was done by Marius Petipa and the music by Ludwig Minkus. The La Bayadere Ballet (meaning The Temple Dancer or The Temple Maiden) was first performed at the Bolshoy Theater, St Petersburg on the 4th of February 1877. Here is the … Read more

Raymonda Ballet – The History And The Story

Raymond ballet

The Raymonda Ballet is a Russian ballet performed in three acts and four scenes. It was choreographed by Marius Petipa to music by Alexander Glazunov. Raymonda was first presented by the Imperial Ballet at the Imperial Mariinsky Theater on the 19th of January 1898 in St Petersburg, Russia. The Raymonda Ballet was specially created for … Read more